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Fitpros are typically great at ‘dishing out’ (see what we did there?) nutritional advice to clients – but who’s looking after you? Dr Linia Patel has some ‘tasty’ advice (Ok, enough of the puns 😄).

Catching a meal on the run between clients or sessions? Want to know what you can eat on the go? Are protein bars ‘good choices’ for a fitpro? How do we make sure ‘healthy eating’ doesn’t spiral in to disordered eating? How can you recognise this in yourself or your clients?

FitPro’s Jane Waller, speaks to leading dietician and sports nutritionist, Dr Linia Patel in our latest podcast – it’s jam-packed with great advice.

Listen to our latest podcast full of nutritional considerations for the fitpro…


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A little bit about Linia..

Dr Linia Patel has a BSc degree in biochemistry and physiology and has recently achieved a PhD in public health. Linia is a leading dietitian and sports nutritionist. Her passion is translating nutritional science into easy-to-digest and practical advice.


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