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Sports Nutrition Basics

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Dr Linia Patel has created this online course to assist you with grasping the basics of nutrition for sport and performance. It is a fascinating and engaging course that will give you greater confidence in all the key areas, such as the effects of low energy availability and how to identify it, the role and recommendations of each of the macronutrients, and fluid intake. You will be learning the most up-to-date info that is all evidence based, which is key to any fit pro. You’ll be able to discuss how pre-, intra- and post-exercise nutrition varies, while understanding carbohydrate loading and its application. You’ll also gain an overview of sports nutrition supplements and their efficacy.

Suggested Pre-requisite:

  • CIMSPA: L2 Gym / Group Ex

Aims and objectives of course:

  • Understand what performance training entails
  • Be able to discuss the evidence base with regard low energy availability (Relative Energy Deficiency Syndrome (REDS), what the symptoms are, how to identify it and its effects on performance
  • Gain an understanding of the roles of carbohydrates, proteins, fat, fluids and micronutrients and why these are all important for athletes and active individuals
  • Have a clear understanding of what pre exercise nutrition, during sport nutrition and recovery nutrition entails
  • For endurance athletes understand how carbohydrate loading works
  • Have an introduction to sports nutrition supplementation.

Author Bio

Dr Linia Patel has a BSc degree in biochemistry and physiology and has recently achieved a PhD in public health. Linia is a leading dietitian and sports nutritionist. Her passion is translating nutritional science into easy-to-digest and practical advice.