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Student Instructor Insurance

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Having insurance even as a student is a fundamental first step to being a true fitness professional; it’s important to know you are getting the best.

FitPro offers student insurance giving you the best possible cover – after all, we’ve been fitness specialists for over 30 years.

Acquiring insurance is an important step in protecting yourself against potentially expensive liability claims. Even as a student, securing the right insurance coverage is paramount, ensuring you have optimal protection. At FitPro, we recognise the importance of comprehensive coverage, especially during your student journey, and provide specialised insurance for students striving to attain recognised certificates or qualifications.

FitPro has been the UK leader in the provision of insurance for fitness instruction for over 30 years. We extend flexible insurance solutions tailored to the needs of both students and graduates underwritten by one of the UK’s leading insurers, Aviva – giving you peace of mind. Our insurance cover is trusted, reliable and everything you would expect from an industry leader.

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Student Public and Teacher Liability £10m insurance

Our student liability insurance is a six month policy – the bonus is, if you qualify within the first six months your insurance will be upgraded to 12 months cover at no extra cost. You simply need to send a copy of your certificate or proof of qualification to FitPro within the first six months of the policy in order to upgrade to our full insurance and receive a total of 12 months cover.

FitPro understands the unique needs of students and aspiring professionals. We’re here to not only offer insurance coverage for students but to also empower you with the confidence and protection necessary to embark on your fitness journey with peace of mind.

The insurance premium is only £55.00 (inclusive of Insurance Premium Tax).

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Why FitPro?

Yes, we are the UK leader in the provision of flexible insurance cover for fitness industry professionals like you. But FitPro is also widely recognised as the leading voice in the fitness industry. We fully understand the needs of fit pros and offer extensive education and support. Plus, the FitPro insurance scheme is underwritten by Aviva, the UK’s largest insurer – giving you true peace of mind.

You know you need insurance, so here’s the online application. Or if you’d prefer to chat on the phone please call us… we are a friendly bunch that know our stuff, and are all super happy to chat through your needs.

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Student Instructor Insurance FAQ’s

Why do I need insurance as a student fitness professional?

Student insurance is available for individuals working towards gaining a level 2 or 3 instructor qualification or the equivalent.

The student insurance is valid for 12 months on the basis of successfully completing the training within the first 6 months.

Student insurance is important to protect against expensive liability claims from clients or participants in the event of an injury.

An insurance claim could result in compensation costs and legal fees – therefore, student insurance is important to protect against unexpected claims.

What type of insurance do I need as a student?

As a student, public liability insurance is important to protect against injuries to clients or participants resulting in expensive insurance claims whilst studying towards completing your instructor training.

How much does student insurance cost?

Student Public Liability Insurance is £54.99, inclusive of Insurance Premium Tax.

FitPro insurance also includes FREE FitPro Core membership (valued at £35) which gives you FitPro bi-monthly digital magazines, E-newsletters, live webinars and discounts on Continued Professional Development.

What activities are included?

Student insurance provides insurance protection for a broad range of fitness activities to include Yoga, Pilates, Exercise to Music, Gym Instruction and Personal Training while studying towards completing a supporting qualification in the area/s of instruction.

What is the student qualification criteria?

You must be registered on a recognised instructor training course and working towards gaining an accepted level 2 or 3 instructor qualification.

You must work within the guidelines of the accepted instructor training.

Students are required to submit evidence of their instructor training in order to set up the student insurance.

A copy of the supporting certificate should be provided upon successful completion of the training.

What is the indemnity limit?

The insurance is underwritten by Aviva. The indemnity limit is £10 million – there is no excess.

Where can I provide my services as a student instructor?

The student insurance includes teaching locally or worldwide, in gyms, studios, leisure facilities, private homes or outdoors.

An appropriate health and safety risk assessment should be completed.

You can find more information around managing risks and risk assessment via the HSE website:

Student insurance does not include online training.

Is student insurance covered outside of the UK?

The insurance is written on a worldwide basis for residents of the UK.

Can I host online fitness services as a student?

Online Training is not included in the student insurance.

What is the pre-screening requirement?

Each participant should complete a PAR-Q form in line with GDPR.

If any risk factors have been identified on the PAR-Q form, the participant should seek approval from their GP prior to participation.

You should continue to pre-screen participants before each session and refer accordingly.

What is the minimum age?

The lower age limit for Student Public Liability Insurance is 16 years. There is no upper age limit.

How can I pay for insurance?

Payment for student insurance can be made by credit or debit card

You can set up the student insurance online or by contacting the FitPro office on 020 8586 8635.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy has always been to listen, support and deliver. We are the conduit between the academic and the fitness professional, the one who makes a real difference to the community. We do this by making sure our offerings are fit for purpose, affordable and world class … totally and always.

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