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Music FAQs

Q: What is the MyGroupFit music subscription?

A: The MyGroupFit music subscription gives access to the entire library of original artist download music recordings for all styles of fitness classes. There’s a broad selection of music, ranging from yoga to aqua. You can review the full range of music here:

Q: Can I download as much music as I want?

A: Yes, there is absolutely no limit to the number of original artist downloads you can access while your subscription remains active. You can select a different album for every class you teach or choose from your personal favourites.

Q: How do I play the music?

A: All music is available in digital download format via the MyGroupFit music app. Accessing and playing music is quick and easy from your mobile device. You can follow the simple guidelines on how to download music using the following link:

Q. How much is the MyGroupFit music subscription?

A: The MyGroupFit music subscription is only £9.99 per month. The music is professionally mixed and evenly phrased and can be played directly from your mobile device via the MyGroupFit App.

Q. Do I need a PPL/PRS license to play music from MyGroupFit?

A: MyGroupFit offers two music options. The first offers original music tracks and, to use this service, you must have a current PPL licence. The second is non-original artist PPL free, so it will sound like original tracks but is not sung by the original artist. The non-original artist music does not require a PPL licence to use in your classes.

Q. Can’t I just use SPOTIFY for my group fitness classes?

A: Unfortunately not, even though you may pay for a subscription. Spotify on your personal account can only be used for personal use, not for commercial use, and using it in your classes is considered commercial and is in breach of your agreement with SPOTIFY.

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