Cardio & Strength

The need for strength and power training within endurance running

Thomas Stringwell reflects on the increase in running-related injuries and the need for a greater…
Personal training

Navigating the storm: A tale of dementia, family and proactive health

Jodi Montlake shares her personal story of dementia's impact on her family and her path…
Client Handout

Client handout: Assessing and correcting your posture

Our client handouts are such a popular feature - here is our lastest from Justin…
Intestine decorative model with various nutritional supplements on 3 wooden spoons such as prebiotics
Prebiotic and probiotic supplements: All you need to know, part 2
Fermented foods pictured from overhead. Homemade vegetable preserves, Sauerkraut, pickles, kimchi etc in glass jars. Image is to depict healthy probiotic and prebiotic diet and supplements.
Probiotic and prebiotic supplements – what you need to know: part 1
Two people on the right hadn side of the image smiling with their backs against a grey wall.
Group Exercise
Should fitness instructors be trained in mental health?
Three people smiling directly at the camera - thay are in fitness gear. It looks like they are at the end of their workout.
Group Exercise
Sport psychology for group X instructors
making music for fitness classes - Image of controller DJ mixer in a nightclub at a party against the background of blurred silhouettes of dancing people
Group Exercise
DJ ‘Nine Mile’ Decks in the house: Making music for your fitness classes
Are you ready for 2024? Image of smiling woman exercising with gymnastic rings in gym.
Are you ready for 2024? Webcast with Annette Lang
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Wearable technology named top fitness trend for 2024

Fitness trackers, smart watches, heart rate monitors and GPS tracking devices, including tech that can…
Personal training

Assessing and correcting foot and ankle pain

Foot and ankle pain is a prevalent problem that affects many people’s ability to enjoy…

MH1 stands for Mental Health 1st – Learn more with MH1’s Lynne Briggs

Hear from MH1's Lynne Briggs about how the MH1 team are innovating and leading the…
Accessible and inclusive - Image of friends with different disabilities hugging each other outdoors.
Fitness providers – are you accessible AND inclusive?
Image to depict spotlight on b vitamins. Image by Nastya Dulhiier on Unsplash
Why some supplements are better than others: A spotlight on B vitamins
mens role in yoga evolution - Image of a man practising yoga in a studio with a huge indoor plant in the background
Men on mats: A look at men’s role in yoga evolution
Living with disability - Image of Caitlin and a group of people in a fitness studio.
Group Exercise
Walk a mile in my shoes – Living with disability
financial concepts - Image of family smiling and holding on to a piggy bank
Don’t Fear the Numbers
the modern pt - Image of a group of PTs chatting whilst sat on the floor
Personal training
What a modern PT needs
Energy drinks - Image of metal cans lined up in a row
A low down on energy drinks
How the memory works - Image of older man looking into the distance
Personal training
Memories are made of this – How the memory works
Strength training principles - Image of Stu Gatherum with a barbell pressed above his head
Cardio & Strength
Grow stronger – Strength training principles