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Let’s chat about Mental Health and the State of Mind Survey 2022

Lindsey Simpson chats through the results of the State of Mind Survey and discusses what…
Group Fitness

My favourite eight drills for group classes

Kris Tynan shares eight top drills that fall under the banner of ‘stealth exercise’. Intrigued?…
Personal training

Training and movement in real life

Training is a structured, methodical approach to physical exercise. Fitness professionals plan and organise exercises…
Cardio & Strength
Why use a heart rate monitor?
Group of happy instructors
Group Fitness
Find your edge with Lincoln Bryden
foot showing heel pain
Personal training
Got heel pain? It may not be plantar fasciitis
Parkinson's image
The many faces of Parkinson’s
purple cloud over woman's head
The 2022 State of Mind Survey Results
paper heart on grass between feet
Group Fitness
Five healing benefits of grounding
Personal training

The Turkish Get-Up with Kettlebell Masterclass

Have you got that get-up and go? Loads of you have asked for us to…

Sports nutrition myths busted

Dr Linia Patel busts five myths that are common to the sports nutrition space. Myth…
Group Fitness

Fit for purpose: Do the people in our classes reflect the people in our community?

Dr Rashmi Becker, MBE, looks at diversity in the fitness industry. Equality, diversity and inclusion…
woman writing on post it notes
How to read research papers
knee bone
Personal training
Corrective Exercise and Osteoarthritis
TRX suspension training
Exercise Library
The coach corner – Are you on trend?
Female Personal Trainer of the Year, Holly Lynch chats with FitPro
Exercise Library
Menopause and connective tissue
Group Fitness
The more you know, the better
Group Fitness
Breathing 101
Matt Gleed chats after his recent accolade at the National Fitness Awards
Personal training
PODCAST – The Link Between Stress and Back Pain with Justin Price