Cardio & Strength

Youth athletic development: An evidenced-based approach

Thomas Stringwell discusses the need for physical activity and sport participation in youth populations. A…

Fighting fatigue

Feeling tired all the time? You are not alone! Fatigue is a common complaint that…

Dr Hussain dispels myths and shares his insights

Dr Hussain returns for his second webcast - this time he aims to dispel the…
Training in small spaces - smiling woman getting ready to workout at home whilst watching her laptop
Cardio & Strength
Training in small spaces – One metre square moves
Headshot of Ben Coomber - The Business of Nutrition and Supplements - FitPro's Webcast
The Business of Nutrition and Supplements with Ben Coomber
altitude training - woman ultra trail marathon runner running through the rock mountain
Cardio & Strength
Training high: Scaling the heights of altitude training
men vs women nutrition - you couple eating breakfast together while sitting at table at home
Men vs women: Nutrition
mossa transformed my facility - group photo in the studio
Group Exercise
How MOSSA programmes transformed my facility
Dance fitness fusion. Sue Allen-Hudson and two other dancers on stage in tap shoes.
Group Exercise
How dance fitness has found its place
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Ultra-processed food: A practical guide

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When to stop training... Woman looking exhausted and reflective whilst looking in to the distance
Client Handout
Client handout: When to stop training and when to work through
Strength and power training for endurance running. Woman running athletically up a hill.
Cardio & Strength
The need for strength and power training within endurance running
Dementia depicted by an illustration of a brain appearing to disappear.
Personal training
Navigating the storm: A tale of dementia, family and proactive health
Assessing and correcting posture. Wooden doll standing still under the light, against a blue background.
Client Handout
Client handout: Assessing and correcting your posture
Intestine decorative model with various nutritional supplements on 3 wooden spoons such as prebiotics
Prebiotic and probiotic supplements: All you need to know, part 2
Fermented foods pictured from overhead. Homemade vegetable preserves, Sauerkraut, pickles, kimchi etc in glass jars. Image is to depict healthy probiotic and prebiotic diet and supplements.
Probiotic and prebiotic supplements – what you need to know: part 1
Two people on the right hadn side of the image smiling with their backs against a grey wall.
Group Exercise
Should fitness instructors be trained in mental health?
Three people smiling directly at the camera - thay are in fitness gear. It looks like they are at the end of their workout.
Group Exercise
Sport psychology for group X instructors
making music for fitness classes - Image of controller DJ mixer in a nightclub at a party against the background of blurred silhouettes of dancing people
Group Exercise
DJ ‘Nine Mile’ Decks in the house: Making music for your fitness classes