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What to eat when you’re expecting – Client handout

“Eat this.” “Don’t eat that.” Mums-to-be want to do their best for their babies, yet…
Personal training

Health testing for enhanced client care – Webcast

We caught up with Aaron Barnett to get his perspective on how some health testing…
Group Fitness

How to thrive as a group exercise instructor

With many group exercise instructors struggling with their income we discuss whether venturing into the…
personal trainer assisting client push up form
PAR-Q forms: The ultimate guide for fitness professionals
Yoga, meditation and mental health - image of woman sitting relaxed in a yoga room looking out a window
Yoga, meditation and mental health
Plant-based eating - Image of green vegan breakfast meal in bowl with spinach, arugula, avocado, seeds and sprouts. Girl in jeans holding fork with knees and hands visible
Client Handout
Plant-based essentials: Where to start with a plant-based diet
Client performing a squat in a dark studio
Personal training
Movement Mastery – The Squat
Yoga Flow -Silhouette of young woman practicing yoga indoor on background of big window with natural landscape.
Group Fitness
Creating the perfect yoga flow
What's the best time? Image of woman trying to control time
Group Fitness
What’s the best time? Client Handout
Group Fitness

The MOSSA Instructor Owned Licence – Jason’s Story

Jason is about to celebrate his third-year anniversary as a Group Fight instructor, owns his…

How do I get started writing a blog post?

Resident FitPro writer and sub editor Aislinn Kelly shares her thoughts on getting started with…

Managing the menopause

As part of Menopause Awareness Month we wanted to talk about helping to manage the…
Fitness Insurance - Two laughing young women in sportswear high fiving together during a planking class at the gym with a couple of male friends
Let’s talk insurance
The Parkour Vault - Dan vault by Viktor Andersson
The Parkour Vault Masterclass
Adaptogens - image of Maca powder in a bowl with a spoon at the side
Understanding adaptogens
Domestic Abuse - image of hand in a stop sign
Group Fitness
Domestic abuse and the fitness professional
How to help clients with their pain - black and white image of the back of a man with a red zone of pain at his neck
Personal training
How to help clients with their pain: A neurophysiological perspective
Money talks - Broken piggy bank with band aid bandage or plaster
Money Talks Webcast
postnatal - image showing a lady lifting a smiling baby up in the air
Group Fitness
Is that a postnatal exercise?
Collagen supplements in tablets and powder.
What is collagen and do collagen supplements work?
Why use questions over commands - image of a neon question mark at the end of a corridor
Personal training
‘Why use questions over commands’ Webcast with JP