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Instant relief from bloating and gas

It may not be a pleasant subject, but we’ve all experienced excess gas – whether…
Kids Fitness

The DanceLady talks kids’ fitness

Ever thought about working with kids? We chat to Caroline Newman aka The DanceLady who…

FitPro chats about education to Stu Gatherum

Here at FitPro we are super passionate about great education. We brought on Stu Gatherum…
Healthy eating a budget - image of woman chopping vegetables following a recipe guide online
Is healthy eating possible on a budget?
Core for life - image of woman jumping
Exercise Library
Core for Life – Movement Mastery
Bodymapping - Image of 3D render of male figures posed with skin and muscle map on dark background
Personal training
The BodyMapper chats to FitPro
Nutrition for migraines - Image of guy with his head in his hands appearing to be in pain or have a headache
Nutrition for Migraines
Trunk rotation - woman in gym in a lunge position twisting
Personal training
How to Assess and Improve Trunk Rotation
Ninja warrior - image of Matthew Bowles celebrating with his arm in the air
Athlete Interview
Matthew Bowles – 3 x Ninja Warrior finalist
Client Handout

Mindful Eating – Client Handout

For some, winter is a tough season to navigate. Being present in the moment and…

Play your part in preventing ill health through shared professionalism

David Monkhouse, Director of Leisure-net Solutions, looks at introducing positive change through shared professionalism. We…
Client Handout

Six steps to building better habits – Client Handout

When we think about changing habits, the temptation is to focus on what we want…
TRX Update - Image of a TRX education taking place in a studio
Personal training
TRX update and insights with Nathan D’Rozario
Prospective clients - Image of Posture Assessment Consultation
How to turn prospective clients into paying clients
Fundamentals of Business - Image of business women hand holding light bulb, concept of new ideas with innovation and creativity
Business Mastery with Adam Daniel – Episode 1: The Fundamentals of Business
New year hacks - image of happy group of friends, family with dog and cat jumping together at sunset with a water reflection
New Year Hacks with Mikki Williams
Image of Laura Beckford - Supernova Living
FitPro talks to Laura Beckford Co-Founder of Supernova Living
Engage Generation Z - Image ofFitness group smiling and jumping in gym
How to Engage with Generation Z: The Best Strategies for PTs and Fit Pros
Muscle clocks - Image of a man holding a clock in his hand
Cardio & Strength
What are muscle clocks?
Personal training
What personal trainer insurance do I need?
Get ready for 2023 - Image of white digits saying 2023 on red brown brick wall background.
Are you ready for 2023?