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Group Fitness

Is that a postnatal exercise?

How do you cater for the range of postnatal women coming to your programmes? Dianne…

What is collagen and do collagen supplements work?

#collagen. It’s trending. You can find it in creams, powders, supplements, protein bars and even…
Personal training

‘Why use questions over commands’ Webcast with JP

We caught up with JP to chat about the art of questioning. When you master…
Squat - image of the back view young female doing barbell squats in gym
Cardio & Strength
Squat your way to a bulletproof body
Sporty woman resting, having break after doing exercise.
Cardio & Strength
Redesign your rest and recovery periods
Healthy spine and shoulders. Man on sofa with hands on sore shoulder and back
Personal training
The quest for a healthy spine and shoulders
Yoga methods. Woman practising yoga in a park
Yoga Methods: A simple regeneration activity or a deeper practice?
Sustainable Seafoods. Grilled salmon fish fillet with salt, pepper and rosemary over salad leaves.
Sustainable seafoods
Bare feet of woman standing barefoot outdoors in nature
Exercise Library
Becoming barefoot strong – Incorporating foot strengthening into client programming
Personal training

Make a difference – Training people with neurological conditions

Lisa Gombinsky Roach gives valuable insight into how the industry is changing to welcome clients…

The importance of ongoing education

In June, we extended our partnership with Active IQ to bring even more valuable insight…
Personal training

What Type of Workout Shoes Are Right For You?

Justin Price is here to help you choose the right shoes for your feet. Shopping…
Group of people indoor cycling in a studiio
Cardio & Strength
On your bike… The rise of indoor cycling
Woman doing a yoga flow in front of a waterfall
Cardio & Strength
How well do you know FLOW?
Group learning on TRXs
Personal training
In conversation with TRX’s Nathan D’Rozario
Fish oil capsules on a spoon
Fish oil supplements – Your ultimate guide
Group of people doing core exercise
Exercise Library
More core – Expand your core library
Close-up of woman in lotus position meditating at sunset.
Group Fitness
Yoga and digestive health
Diverse group of fit people in sportswear smiling while doing pushups together on a gym floor during an exercise session
Exercise Library
Perfecting the push-up – Pilates style
Muscular back of sportswoman
Personal training
Why you should consider a sports massage qualification
silhouette of a woman on a background of lights
Group Fitness
Are you legal? Know your music responsibilities