Personal training

The Ultimate Guide To Public Liability Insurance

You may have heard it mentioned once or twice (well, probably many more times than…
Cardio & Strength

Raise the bar: Strength training for perimenopause

Marcelle Malan looks at the role of strength training for women in perimenopause. Menopause is…

All about fat

Dr Linia Patel breaks down our fears around fat and explains why we need certain…
Respiratory conditions - Image of lungs
Personal training
Asthma and COPD – Training clients with respiratory conditions
Deadlift - Image of man and woman commencing a deadlift
Exercise Video Library
My client dreads the deadlift
Glutes - Image of a peach that looks like a backside
Exercise Video Library
All about that bass: Working the glutes
group x - image of group of people taking part in a group exercise session
Group Exercise
Notes from a group X manager
Understanding diabetes - Image of pancreas
Personal training
Understanding your client’s diabetes
Back training - Image of senior man showing his muscular fit body with tattoos on the beach.
Exercise Video Library
Minimal equipment, maximum back training
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News and Features

The start of a new adventure: Why, at 52, fitness is the new career for me

Olly Jeffery explains why, at the age of 52, he’s choosing a career in the…
Client Handout

Helpful habits to healthy hydration – Client Handout

Sarah Bolitho has created a selection of client handouts to help with forming 'good' habits - here is…
Exercise Video Library

Putting functional back into balance training

Aaron Barnett unpicks the complexities of balance and looks at balance as a functional goal.…
Neck and shoulder pain - Image showing man with neck pain
Personal training
Corrective exercises for neck and shoulder pain
Food prep - Image of happy family in aprons making funny grimaces with pepper, looking at camera.
Making meal prep work for you
fitness music - Image showing silhouette of a girl with hair blowing in the wind listening to music
Group Exercise
Fitness music solutions and 3 months FREE
Growing your business - Image of rapid growth concept with person using a laptop in a chair
Business Mastery with Adam Daniel – Growing your Business
Exercise habits - Image of happy athletic woman doing plank exercise while her dog is sitting next to her.
Client Handout
Improving exercise habits – Client Handout
Trauma - Image of a brain with disconnected power wires
Trauma-informed approach for fit pros
Thyroid - image of handdrawn illustration of human thyroid gland highlighted blue. Photo collage with female hand on dark studio background.
The role nutrition plays in maintaining a healthy thyroid
Pain-free mindset - Image of woman on a bridge massaging her painful back due to sports injury
Personal training
Developing a pain-free mindset
DoingOurBit - image of a person holding a rainbow
News and Features
How #DoingOurBit is giving back to the NHS