Cardio & Strength

Concurrent training // How to programme HIFT circuits

Ally Taylor talks high-intensity functional training, ViPR and time-efficient workouts. Traditionally, cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength/endurance and…
Personal training

7 hacks to stem the negative effects of high-intensity training

As high-intensity training continues to dominate the fitness industry, Paul Edmondson delves into the potential…

Going with the grain – ancient grains

Including wholegrains in your diet is a smart move for most of us, says Dr…
Connection - Image of two young happy females standing in sport class while dancing hip-hop and laughing
Group Exercise
Creating connection – Webcast with Claire Baker
Protein Powders - Image of young woman and man drinking protein shake after workout
Protein Powders with Dr Linia Patel
Knee replacement - x-ray image of a knee
Personal training
Diary of a total knee replacement
Putting yourself first - Image of smiling woman sitting on floor of city street after exercising.
Personal training
Putting yourself first for a healthy lifestyle
Dr Hussain - Image of a group of people standing together in a circle with their hands linked in the centre.
Webcast – FitPro chats with Dr Hussain
Healthy immune system - Image of little girl buying groceries in the supermarket with her father. He is carrying her whilst they pick out fresh fruits together.
How to support a healthy immune system through your gut
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Unlocking Success: 10 Invaluable Tips for Instructors and PTs

Danica Nicolau, head of engagement at CoverMe, shares her top 10 tips to help you…
Personal training

The PT Experience with Keith Smith

So, what is 'THE' experience? Keith Smith explains how we can affect the experience of…

EmployAbility Leisure Guides

Diversity makes a stronger workforce but how do you attract disabled people to your organisation?…
Spotlight session - Autism. Image of male planning a session in a notebook sat by a window sill
Personal training
Spotlight on my session with Edward
Rotator cuff injuries - Close up image of lady holding the top of her shoulder
Personal training
Helping clients recover from rotator cuff injuries
MOSSA magic - Image of class participants in a studio taking part in a Group Active session.
Group Exercise
The magic of MOSSA – my MOSSA journey
Business Growth and Beyond - Image of person using a laptop on a white table
Business Mastery with Adam Daniel – Business Growth and Beyond
Tools for pregnancy - Image of pregnant woman looking at a baby jumpsuit with a smile on her face.
Tools you can use with your pregnant clients – Podcast with Dianne Edmonds
Blue Space. Image of woman looking up at a waterfall with a ruck sack on her back. It appears she is on a walking trail taking a moment to take in the splendour of the waterfall.
Personal training
Blue space, physical activity and wellbeing
The art of teaching mixed-level classes _ image of smiling mindful yogi man sitting on mat at group training
Group Exercise
The art of teaching mixed-level classes
Marketing your group ex offering - image of happy woman looking at her computer having finished teaching a workout
Looking to tackle marketing for your Group Ex and PT offering?
Endometriosis - Image of woman clutching her lower abdomen looking in pain. She is sat on a sofa with brick wall in the background.
Personal training
Endometriosis and exercise: Navigating the unknown