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We are true believers that you can never get enough good education and support – as a result, we have collated a huge array of resources perfect for any true fitness professional, full of insightful education, evidence-based research, specialised advice and practical downloads.

We know you are all dedicated to professional development and excellence – and top of our list has always been to support you, so have a look around.

FitPro Webinars

We started our webinar series as an initiative to support our community when the world was on hold – it was a way to keep the forward-thinking fitness professional inspired by world-class education from the leaders in our field.

We continue to host these live webinars once a month, so the whole of our community can stay right at the front of the industry. We have an extensive and varied back catalogue you can dive into any time when you hold a professional membership.

For each of the webinars, whether watched live or recorded, you will be awarded 0.5 CPD points. Which one will you check out first?

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White Papers and Research Series

One of our philosophies is taking research from respected authors and making it digestible and applicable for fitness professionals. For those of you who want to ‘geek out’ and dig deeper into the science, you will find a plethora of research pieces in the magazine. With so many to choose from, we thought you’d like to see a few examples. Enjoy!

Dr Paul Batman Can You Really Do Too Much


Dr Paul Batman
Physical Activity And Immune System
Dr Paul Batman
Physical Activity And Metabolic Disease
Dr Paul Batman
Inflammation and Sedentary Behaviour
Let Your Brain
Do The Walking
Dr Paul Batman
How Much Exercise Is Enough?
Dr Paul Batman
Sedentary Lifestyle


Movement Analysis
FitPro magazines
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FitPro Magazine Sample Articles

From coaching the best squatting technique and programming to the latest in nutritional science and business, FitPro explores every genre, topic and subject current to the fitness professional. Every magazine covers such a vast range of subjects – they really are rather good! Regardless of your expertise, the articles are there to inspire, educate and expand your depth of knowledge.

We have handpicked a few here to give you a taste of the depth, variety and quality of our articles.

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How to maximise suspension training
The function of fascia
How to hone your running form
The pregnancy nutrition myths
Hip replacement rehab
How to age awesomely

Downloadable Resources

Here you go: we have taken the trouble out of creating those forms we all know we need but struggle to find a good version of it. Download these – we’ve taken the hassle out of it, so you can get on with your day.

PAR-Q Form
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