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Insurance FAQs

Q: Why do I need insurance?

A: If you’re an instructor teaching in gyms, studios, health clubs, leisure facilities, community centres, village halls, private homes, outdoors and/or online, insurance is needed to protect against expensive liability claim from your client/s or participant/s in the event of an injury.

Insurance acts as a safety net to minimise financial risk, should you be the subject of a claim – for example, if a client suffers an injury and claims against you for compensation. Having the right insurance means that the financial liability of meeting these costs should be met.

Q: What activities are included?

A: The insurance includes a broad range of activities on the basis of holding a supporting certificate in the area of instruction, to include Personal Training, Gym Instruction, Exercise to Music, Circuit Training, Functional Training, Strength & Conditioning, Indoor Cycling, Aquatic Fitness, Yoga, Pilates, Pre & Post Natal, Pad & Bag Work, Dance, Nutritional Advice, Online Training, Outdoor Training, Children’s Exercise, Fitness Testing.

Q: What is the qualification criteria?

A: You must hold a supporting Level 2 or Level 3 qualification or the equivalent in the area of instruction. If teaching multiple disciplines, you’ll need a supporting certificate for each area of instruction. Check with your insurance provider to confirm that your qualifications are recognised.

Q: Can I get insured for other activities?

A: Additional activity cover is available for other fitness activities on the basis of a holding supporting qualification. The additional activity insurance runs in conjunction with the instructor public & teacher liability £10 million cover.

Q: What is the indemnity limit?

A: The insurance is underwritten by Aviva. FitPro offers indemnity options to include £10 million, £5 million and £2 million – there is no excess.

Q: Where can I teach?

A: The insurance is designed for instructors working in health clubs, gyms, studios, leisure centres, community centres, village halls, private homes, outdoors and online.

A health and safety risk assessment should be completed. You can find more information around managing risks and risk assessment via the HSE website:

Q: Is the insurance worldwide?

A: The insurance is written on a worldwide basis for residents of the UK. The insurance includes up to 12 months’ worldwide cover, including working on cruise ships. You must remain a UK resident.

Q: Do you offer student insurance?

A: Student Public Liability Insurance is available if actively working towards gaining an instructor qualification. The student insurance is valid for 12 months on the basis of successfully completing the instructor training within the first six months. You can find more information here:

Q: Can I teach online?

A: The insurance includes live interactive face-to-face training such as Zoom, live streaming and pre-programmed video content. Please see the online training guidelines via the following link:

Q: How can I pay for insurance?

A: Payment for insurance can be made by Credit or Debit card or by monthly Direct Debit. Payment by Direct Debit will auto-renew on an annual basis. You can set up insurance by logging in to or by telephone on 020 8586 8635.

Q: What is the pre-screening requirement?

A: Each participant should complete a PAR-Q form. If any risk factors have been identified, the participant should seek approval from their GP. You should continue to pre-screen participants before each session and refer accordingly.

Q: Can I teach outdoors?

A: Training (led by a qualified instructor) can take place outdoors on the basis of completion of a health and safety risk assessment – for example, ensure the environment/equipment is safe, free from obstacles, obstructions, hazards, fit for purpose, first aid provision, etc. Check with your local authority if a park licence is needed and seek the landowner’s permission, where necessary.

Q: What is the minimum age?

A: The minimum age for Instructor Public & Teacher Liability is 14 years, and the minimum age for Student Public Liability cover is 16 years. There is no upper age limit.

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