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FitPro podcast host, Ben Coomber is back!

When it comes to working with a client and their nutrition, what’s important, and what can we do within our role as coaches? Should we be aspiring towards being a Dietitian? Do you know someone you can refer to when you need to?

In this week’s podcast guest host, Ben Coomber speaks to Linia Patel, Fitpro magazine’s regular contributor on Individualised nutrition and our remit of practice.

Watch the video here:

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About the Author

Dr Linia Patel

Dietitian and sports nutritionist

As a self-confessed “total foodie”, being an award-winning dietitian and sports nutritionist comes naturally to our resident dietitian and long-time Fitpro magazine contributor, Dr Linia Patel. She likes to take a block of science and slice it up into easy-to-digest and practical advice. With a PhD in Public Health and over 100 published articles on diet and health, she is a British Dietetic Association Spokesperson and is regularly seen appearing on national TV and being quoted in the press. She’s the science expert for Tess Daly’s best-selling book 4 Steps to a Happier & Healthier You, is a qualified fitness instructor and has worked extensively in high performance sport. She is particularly passionate about women’s health, helping women to be the best version of themselves.

Key expertise:

  • Translating science into easy-to-digest, practical advice
  • Dietitian and sports nutritionist
  • Media spokesperson
  • Women’s health (athletes, non-athletes and everything in between)
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