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In this week’s podcast, FitPro’s managing director, Jane Waller, speaks to Kris Tynan, program director for Exercise as Medicine NZ. They discuss training older adults, the range of conditions that come with that, and how that lead to Kris creating her course Osteoporosis and Exercise.

Some of the key take-home comments from the podcast are as follows:

“Overwhelmingly, the most common of long-term conditions found with the older demographic is arthritis.”

“What really amazed me was the huge number of different forms of arthritis and, depending what source you use, there is well over 100.”

To listen to the podcast, click HERE



About the Author

Kris Tynan

Special populations

Passionate about functional ageing and helping older adults to thrive and lead active lives, Kris Tynan runs courses for people with hip and knee osteoarthritis in her hometown of Otautahi, Christchurch, New Zealand. As well as the wonderful courses she delivers here at FitPro, she is the author of the Exercise as Medicine online training courses Diabetes and Obesity, Joints and Bones, Older Adults, Breast Cancer and Exercise, and Prostate Cancer and Exercise, and always ensures her training for exercise professionals is practical, as she herself is on the front line delivering group exercise to special populations so she understands the challenges this can bring. In 2012, she was the recipient of Exercise NZ’s award for outstanding contribution to the industry.

Key expertise:

  • Working with older populations and those with long-term conditions.
  • Author of Exercise as Medicine courses.
  • Author of The Interactive Instructor.
  • Author of the LOAFFA resource (Leading Older Adults in Functional Fitness Activity).
  • Workshop co-ordinator for Active Canterbury Network.
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