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“Make it your best hour,” is what the NSPCC is saying in accordance with its 60 Minute Challenge, which seeks to raise pivotal funds for the charity’s work with children and families.

The challenge, which takes place on 4 October, is the UK’s first mass participation event aimed at challenging people to run as far as they can in 60 minutes, as opposed to running a certain distance.  Those wanting to test their running capabilities will do so at the Lee Valley VeloPark in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London. Participants will run round a specially designed one-mile circuit through the Olympic Park, with the challenge of completing as many laps as possible.

NSPCC head of participation events Victoria Kellaway said, “We’re very excited about this event and hope that loads of people will enter and help support our work. By pushing your limits in our 60 Minute Challenge and asking friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you, you could help change a child’s life. Your support will help us be there for the children that need us, whenever they need us.”

She added, “This event isn’t about who is the best; it’s about being the best you can be. Everyone who enters will be taking on a personal challenge to run as far as they feel able during the 60 minutes. For some people, that might mean running flat out for the whole hour, and for others it could mean more of a gentle jog or even walking some of it.”

The event is said to “break down the mould”, by asking how far you will go instead of concentrating on how long it will take you to complete a race. Time is forgotten, as runners choose between two running slots. For all those wanting to run for the entire 60 minutes, there will be a 10:00 race option, enabling all those who want to bring out their competitive side to join the ‘Run Harder’ race category. At 11:30, the NSPCC will showcase a ‘Run Together’ family-friendly run, which is aimed at participants who want to walk, jog or stop and start.

Entry to the event costs £20 per adult, £70 for a team of four people and £5 for anyone under 18. All participants get a free running vest, a training plan, distance chip technology and a well-deserved medal at the end. All adults are asked to pledge to raise £150.



To find out more about the NSPCC 60 Minute Challenge and to register, email or visit