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In today’s podcast, Douglas Heel and GP Dr Padraig McGillicuddy talk muscle activation and share some of the interesting results they’ve had using Be-Activated techniques.

Listen to the podcast HERE.

About Douglas Heel

Douglas Heel has been teaching Be-Activated around the world for the last 14 years.  He teaches trainers, physiotherapists, chiropractors, doctors and anyone who wants a different way to look at the body to fast-track results. Douglas has lectured at FitPro and Filex events, starting in 2008.
About Dr Padraig McGillicuddy
Dr Padraig McGillicuddy is a GP working in Carrigaline, Co. Cork in the South of Ireland. He initially trained in surgery and also worked in a number of other specialities in Australia and the UK. He works a lot in sports and exercise medicine and uses techniques such as PRRT and, more recently, Be Activated with his general and sports medicine clients. He is a firm believer in the contribution of a healthy mind to physical well-being.
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