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Welcome to the Fitpro news round-up where we select the stories that caught our attention this week. Follow the link to our Facebook page and join in the conversation.

Bridge engineering to aid arthritis sufferers

Those who had the chance to listen to our new podcast will understand how important tailored treatment is for arthritis sufferers.

A study involving Lancaster University, the University of Central Lancashire, and Manchester University is testing whether technology used by engineers to listen for faults in bridges could be utilised to diagnose arthritic knees.

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What are mental health clubs?

Health and well-being clubs have moved towards creating more tailored experiences for their users.

The new health and well-being offering, Hero Training Club, has created a space that caters for both your mental and physical health.

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Fat tissue discovered on lungs of obese people

Australian researchers have discovered fat tissue on the lungs of overweight and obese people.

While it is commonly known that overweight or obese people have an increased risk of asthma, it was thought this was purely due to carrying the extra weight. This observation may lead to rethinking the treatment for people with asthma who are obese.

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