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FitPro’s director, Jane Waller, chats to movement specialist, John Polley, around integrating the concept of play into your clients’ training sessions.

In this podcast, we discuss the science behind play and what the benefits are to incorporating it into sessions. John’s passion for helping people to move better shines through in this discussion, as well as his knowledge of integrated movement. 

Some key statements from the podcast are:

“Playful activities introduce a mind-body emotional connection, so we are actually engaging as human beings, not just as physical bodies.”

“If you can remain in a relaxed state, your body will achieve its highest potential. The moment you start clamping down and getting tight, you perform less well.”

Take a listen to the podcast HERE.

About the podcast guest

John Polley owns the BE FREE movement and wellness studio in Perth, Australia. He is a movement coach and therapist, industry educator across Australia and New Zealand, an author for global fitness brands, and is a passionate advocate for exercise as an essential component of health and vitality. Find out more about BE FREE.

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