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John (JP) Polley

Movement Specialist

After burning out aged 34 while running his own furniture company and losing his mother to cancer a year later, JP listened to his true calling, joined the fitness industry and became an award-winning educator, speaker and industry mentor. JP’s mission is to show how we are mental, emotional and physical beings, and that nothing can be studied or affected individually. Having sworn for many years that he’d never have children, JP is now a father of four, demonstrating that life is always available for review, new learning, growth, change and adaptation. Since turning 40, JP has managed to defy gravity and grow 1cm taller, thanks to the elasticising effect of myofascial movement and ViPR creating more space in his joints.

Key expertise:

  • Award-winning educator, speaker and mentor.
  • Delivers webinars and practical workshops internationally.
  • Teaches in a way that is down to earth, engaging and connected, with a fair degree of humour thrown in.

Qualifications & Awards

BA Hons Sociology
Diploma in Personal Training (including sports massage)
IOM Mentorship
OD on Movement mentorship
Animal Flow Level One
ViPR Master Instructor
Power Plate Master Instructor
Sandbell Master Instructor
PTA Global Ambassador

CPD Courses by John (JP) Polley

Image for Mobility Essentials
Mobility Essentials
So many people report physical restrictions preventing them from getting the most from their training and performance, from athletes to parents to older adults. This comprehensive course starts with the foundations and takes you all the way to advanced understanding and practices. Taught from the myofascial perspective (myo=muscle, fascia=connective tissue), this covers anatomy, how to screen for restrictions, delivers an entire menu of mobility movements for each type of restriction, whilst always respecting that each area of the body is connected to the rest. It even gives you ready made mobility routines for different populations. It’s the most holistic mobility course currently available and will give you the confidence to identify and tackle almost any type of restriction people are managing unsuccessfully.
Image for Brain Body Essentials
Brain Body Essentials
Everyone intrinsically knows their thoughts and emotions can affect their physical function, but how, and why? Join JP for some of the detail on how our mental, emotional and physical systems interact, how they can literally prevent physical function, and what strategies you can offer, within scope, that will lead to high performance in all realms. JP has collated information and techniques over the past decade, from many disciplines, that will engage, fascinate and add new perspectives and skills to your trainer toolbox. This knowledge has been described as essential to the coaching role by those who have taken the education previously, and offers you the confidence to manage your clients as human beings, not just human bodies.
Image for Foam Roller Essentials
Foam Roller Essentials
In this exciting new upgrade to the field of SMR, JP takes you through a more wide ranging and multi-faceted understanding of how we can use the humble foam roller. With an opening lecture laying the foundation of a brand-new protocol for delivering SMR, JP then goes on to teach this new approach on 25 sites around the body. SMR has never been delivered so comprehensively, sequenced for the best possible outcomes and then reinforced with essential stabilising movements to ensure longer lasting effects and reduce potential injuries more than ever before.

Blogs by John (JP) Polley

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