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It’s always a pleasure to get JP onto the webcast. This time we talk about the true power of play.

Here’s what we asked JP:

  1. So you’ve just recorded a course for us on play-based training – why did you feel compelled to create it?
  2. In the course you cover a lot of scientific background as well as giving 50 great playful examples of play in action – can you give us a couple of nuggets here?
  3. ⁠ ⁠You have created a play profiling sequence for people in the course – why is this necessary? Don’t we just play the games?
  4. There are 6 practical sections in the course aimed at different populations… why?
  5. What are your thoughts on using play in our industry generally – are there better environments than others?

Watch the webcast now!

Want to learn more with JP about the power of play in your sessions? Check out his new course Play-based training – science driven fun for all populations.

About the Author

John (JP) Polley

Movement Specialist

After burning out aged 34 while running his own furniture company and losing his mother to cancer a year later, JP listened to his true calling, joined the fitness industry and became an award-winning educator, speaker and industry mentor. JP’s mission is to show how we are mental, emotional and physical beings, and that nothing can be studied or affected individually. Having sworn for many years that he’d never have children, JP is now a father of four, demonstrating that life is always available for review, new learning, growth, change and adaptation. Since turning 40, JP has managed to defy gravity and grow 1cm taller, thanks to the elasticising effect of myofascial movement and ViPR creating more space in his joints.

Key expertise:

  • Award-winning educator, speaker and mentor.
  • Delivers webinars and practical workshops internationally.
  • Teaches in a way that is down to earth, engaging and connected, with a fair degree of humour thrown in.
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