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A survey conducted by Hearst Magazines UK has already highlighted the benefits of creating digital editions of popular magazines and, as the digital market continues to grow, the fitness industry is stepping up to deliver its own digital options and ensure it continues to engage with its audience.

The digital shift

Hearst Magazines’ research found that magazine readers consume digital editions in a similar way to print versions and are equally as engaged with digital options, with 88% of tablet users preferring to read basic stacked articles in a linear format. Most digital users were found to dip in and out of the digital editions but one third of consumers read the tablet editions from cover to cover. A digital edition purchase, however, will not necessarily be at the expense of a print edition, with 46% of respondents saying they would alternate between the print and digital editions.

When it comes to adverts, digital issues were found to have more clout, with 70% of readers finding ads in digital editions to be impactful and ‘sharp’ and 55% concluding they feel more favourable towards a brand as a result of seeing an ad in a digital edition. Almost two thirds of readers commented that they would spend more time reading a digital edition if they found the advertising engaging and 78% stated they would be interested in tapping into the ad to find out more information. Ads with direct links to the product page pleased 80% of the individuals surveyed.

Capitalising on the burgeoning digital market, Fitness Professionals Ltd has developed the FitPro app, which offers a wealth of content and seeks to become the essential digital tool for on-the-go PTs, group X instructors and club managers. With Fitpro magazine now available digitally via the app, members and consumers can dip into a diverse range of expert content covering everything from cardio and strength and mind & body to group X insights, nutrition research and business advice.

The FitPro app also provides members with access to FitPro’s extensive music catalogue and a plethora of Loaded Movement Training resources that are unique to functional training tool ViPR. For ViPR instructors, a new password-protected area enables instructors to benefit from second-to-none educational manuals and catalogues.

The FitPro app is currently available for tablets on Google, Android, Kindle and via the app store, and a version for iPhone will be available to members by the end of 2014.

Discover more about the FitPro app here:



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