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In this week’s podcast, we speak to nurse and personal trainer, Marion Foreman from All Together Better. Marion gives us some key pointers of how to prepare for a client telling you that they have cancer. We also explore the benefits that exercise has for someone on their cancer journey.

According to Cancer Research UK (2019), one in two people will get cancer in their lifetime. The reality of this figure is that it is almost certain that, as a fitness professional, you will have a client tell you they have cancer.

In this podcast, FitPro’s programming manager Kirsten Carter talks to Marion Foreman from All Together Better. Marion is a nurse and personal trainer, and has been working with cancer patients in a local circuits class for the last five years. She also has many years of experience of nursing patients with cancer, and has personal knowledge of what it is like to strive to keep fit with cancer as her husband unfortunately has melanoma.

Marion gives us some key pointers of how to prepare for a client telling you they have cancer, and we also look at how an exercise regime can be a motivator and lifeline for someone suffering from this disease.

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Are you looking to learn more about this topic? Marion Foreman has worked together with FitPro to develop an online CPD course: ‘Cancer and exercise – The basics’. This is a five-hour course that has been developed to give fitness professionals a basic introduction into how to help a client on their cancer journey. This course also explores how you can help your client to exercise safely and effectively.

To sign up to the ‘Cancer and exercise – basics’  online CPD course head over to



About the Author

Marion Foreman

Cancer Rehab

Marion Foreman has been a practicing nurse for almost 50 years mostly working in the fields of palliative care and cancer. Marion has lectured for both the Open University and Homerton School of Health Studies about health and social care and about death and dying.
Marion held a senior nursing position as a lead cancer nurse and has had personal experience of living with someone with advanced cancer.
Ten years ago, Marion trained as a personal trainer and specialised in Cancer Rehab. Prior to retiring she ran three online exercise circuit classes for people who are living with cancer and offered support to many of them individually. She previously had a great involvement in the development of cancer care in hospitals local to her.
Marion’s passion is twofold; one is to make sure that any client can say ‘I have cancer’ and we don’t fall apart, that we can ask focused questions and consider what help we are able to offer, based on sound knowledge. The other is to help other fitness professionals to develop coping strategies so that when someone you have a professional relationship turns to you and asks you to help them to stay as healthy as possible whilst they deal with their cancer, you are robust and confident.

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