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This week, we’re looking at the latest developments in the world of wellbeing and corporate health and potential opportunities for anyone in the business of fitness. 

Entrepreneurial personal trainers should think beyond the gym and look to property companies, corporates and tech companies to share their expertise. Wellness in the workplace is on the top the corporate agenda, with businesses understanding that they have a responsibility for their employees, health, fitness and wellness. In June 2019, Nice guidelines stated that: “Workplaces that have physical activity programmes to support employees to move more when travelling to and from work and during the working day will positively increase physical activity levels. This may help to reduce staff absenteeism levels, increase staff satisfaction and improve the workplace environment.”

More and more companies include personal training, running groups, and gym membership as part of their offering to staff. Writing in the Health At Work, report, in January 2019, Yik-Ying Teo from the National University of Singapore points out that due to our increasingly sedentary workplaces, health hazards at work have evolved from injury and toxic environments to, “the onset of chronic diseases such as diabetes or burnout-linked depression,” all of which can be combatted by physical exercise.

One brand making this work for their business and solving the problem of sedentary workplace is Ten Health and Fitness. The innovative boutique studio brand has just opened their ninth central London studio, this time placed at the heart of an office. Ten Health received £4 million in investment from the Foresight group in June this year, and in this latest development they are providing a gym, personal training, massage, Pilates to the office workers with whom they share the building.

And it’s not just in the office, where health and wellness has become a focal point of a business model. Developers are also realising that there is an opportunity for developing bespoke accommodation with gym, spa, cycling and walking paths planned in. As well ticking social and corporate responsibility boxes, these developers are responding to demand. The most recent example of innovative planning comes from the developers of the Elysian residence in Stanmore, the Landsby. The development for well-heeled over 65s, features a fine-dining restaurant, a coffee lounge and bar, a library and a rooftop health club and medical suite.