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head shot of Cherry Baker


Cherry Baker has been working in the field of fitness for more than 37 years. For the past 20 of these years, she has worked in rehabilitation, getting clients moving again after episodes of low back pain, and specifically working with clients who have or have had sciatica. Cherry hopes to share her experiences from a fitness professional’s point of view. Many clients can’t afford one-to-one or to continue with physiotherapy once they start to recover, so this workshop will be useful, not only for one-to-one clients but in class situations when you can adapt or modify moves to suit a client’s recovery.

Cherry says: “I work in a spine care Pilates setting and I find clients often benefit from the social side and from seeing others with similar conditions. It may just be me, but I have often seen clients recover better in a class situation than one to one. I guess there is some science behind this theory, but that’s another story.”

Sciatica: Symptom or condition? Training for the fitness professional