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This year sees a development in the world of yoga after elevated platform BeamBlock launches into the leisure centre space.

The BeamBlock product secured approval and investment from Dragons Den’s Peter Jones and Touker Suleyman, after inventor Thierry Giunta propositioned his fitness concept to the investors. The product will initially be launched at Woking Leisure Centre and the class will last an hour.

On to the design and the BeamBlock is an elevated platform that is placed on top of your existing yoga mat and is reported to bring both increased flexibility and a greater physical challenge to the practice. The platform is colour-coded to help guide participants to achieve an accurate body position and show where to align the feet. There are also flexibility ladders on the side of the BeamBlock to provide additional traction when stretching and to help measure improvement as people progress.

The structure of the BeamBlock allows participants to make sure they are performing an exercise correctly, while its hexagonal pads encourage correct alignment and ensure a foot is never out of place.

BeamBlock yoga is ideal for beginners and those who are returning to exercise after a break. Developers of the class have highlighted that the workout is gentle and easy to understand, with close attention played to good technique and alignment.

Freedom Leisure is launching the classes at three different levels so, whether you’re new to the yoga scene or an experienced yogi, there will be something to suit you.

Freedom Leisure area manager Phil Edwards said, “We are very excited to be launching BeamBlock yoga classes at Woking Leisure Centre as it is both innovative and accessible. Not only does BeamBlock help beginners understand the technique and get to grips with the basics, but the more advanced classes will allow experienced yoga enthusiasts to get plenty more from their class.”

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