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As part of the FitPro LIVE 2016 Workshop Series, there will be jam-packed days allowing instructors and their class participants to experience MOSSA’s exciting and inclusive new programmes throughout the UK.

MOSSA’s goal is to get 50% of every club’s members involved in group exercise and so it offers a wide variety of programmes to ensure everyone’s taste is catered for. MOSSA strives to be suitable for all abilities and the aim for all those who attend the MOSSA workshops is to have fun and be inspired. With the fear of judgement high on the list of reasons why people choose not to exercise, MOSSA’s programmes are specifically designed to get more people moving – and their inclusive approach is working.

Visual director of Women’s Sports Trust Danielle Sellwood recently told FitPro, “Using sexy imagery to sell something is nothing new and especially in the area of sports marketing – it exists for men and women.” While we cannot ignore the amount of over-sexualised imagery that greets the fitness industry, at the MOSSA workshops we will be celebrating your health and fitness achievements and goals for 2016, rather than what you look like or the kit you work out in! So, whether you’re new to fitness or looking to add another MOSSA class to your weekly session plan, bring your class participants and come and meet our dynamic instructors, who will create a sociable, fun environment for you and your friends.

Each MOSSA programme undergoes 300 hours in development and is then tested by 7,000 instructors and their participants six months before it is launched worldwide. MOSSA takes things seriously and the UK uses test clubs and leisure centres across the UK that contribute to the process, which ensures quality in both content and music.

What’s even better for instructors is that, if you are currently certified to teach a licensed pre-choreographed group fitness programme in the UK and would like to add MOSSA to your repertoire, this workshop can be part of your transition.

Places at each venue are limited and can be booked for only £29. This includes a complimentary goody bag and a MOSSA t-shirt, plus a 12-month membership to MyGroupFit worth £29!

So, if you want to come along and see what all the fuss is about – and you want to bring some of your class participants with you – simply use the link below to book your places.

The goal is to develop a culture and ethos that builds synergy between instructors and employers, as well as the instructor and the class participants. So join us at our workshops – Let’s Move and make a change.

The programmes 



The explosive mixed martial arts cardio and strength workout



An athletic, functional, 30-minute core strength workout



An athletic mind and body programme, incorporating Pilates and Yoga principles



60 minutes of cardio training that uses the STEP in highly effective, athletic ways



A dance-inspired workout that draws on a great variety of dance styles, from Latin to hip hop

To book your place on the MOSSA UK Workshops, click here. 


We shall look forward to seeing you there to get moving! 

Let’s MOVE!