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Personal trainer and LOVE ISLAND star Frankie Foster shares this functional workout with FitPro readers.

Frankie Foster is a gym manager and personal trainer at Gym66 in Cheltenham. His interest in training others came from years of training himself to enhance his performance as a professional football and rugby player. At Gym66, he focuses on helping the general population get fit and healthy. Frankie uses Instagram (@frankiefoster3) to provide free training workouts and tips and is soon to launch an online training platform with Gym66.

Watch the video of Frankie Foster in action here: 

Workout session in full:

20 wall balls 

15 ring rows

10 burpee bar taps

5 hanging leg raises 

20 lunge jumps 

15 toe taps

10 press ups

5 pull ups


  • Work against the clock and record your time

  • 2 minutes skipping for active recovery

  • Repeat three times for a short, intense whole- body workout


Personal trainer Steve Tongue, who has a particular training focus on functional movement, was keen to share his insight into the workout video:

“The 100 rep challenge incorporates a variety of functional movement patterns to create a well-balanced, total-body workout. The exercises in the video encourage compound movement, which involves multiple joint actions and therefore recruits a high amount of muscle action. Taking this multi-joint approach maximises the amount of calories you can burn in a short space of time.

“Adding the competitive element of working against the clock helps you to push into the anaerobic energy production pathway. Working at this higher level of intensity is great for boosting metabolism by creating the ‘after burn’ effect.

“Low-level intensity skipping between rounds ensures your aerobic energy system stays active and makes maximal use of your workout time. If you only have a small time window to work out in, then you need to make it count. Keep it short, sweet and sweaty to get the best VFM for your efforts.”

Steve Tongue is a Global Master Trainer for FitPro and ViPR.

Try the challenge! and email us your videos and comments to

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