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This week, we are joined by the esteemed Morc Coulson to find out some of the more common mistakes personal trainers make and how not to fall into these traps.

He’s a senior lecturer and programme leader of sport and exercise science at the University of Sunderland, as well as author of several papers and leading industry texts.

Morc ran us through several exercises and how to make sure you aren’t falling into some of the simple traps that many PTs make.


We covered some important scientific background, the importance of communicating with your clients, and how best to navigate research journals to get the best up-to-date information for your clients.

This was maybe our most practical podcast to date, with Morc throwing out advice on things that will affect a lot of trainers and their clients directly, so share this one around and make sure this essential advice reaches as many fit pros as possible.


A new interviewer:

Hello, I’m Jack. I’ve just started as editorial assistant at FitPro. It was great to have the chance to speak with Morc about something really important, and I hope this advice will be of help to many of you and your clients out there.

Sorry about the drilling noise right at the end of this one – I promise I’ll find a quieter room next time!

I can’t wait to do more podcasts and chat to more industry experts about the stuff that matters. Let me know whether there’s something you think we should be talking about, a story you think needs to be shared, or even if you just hate the sound of my voice. Get in touch; it helps us to make better content.

I hope you enjoy this podcast and thanks to Morc for making it a good one.

Be sure to listen to last week’s podcast if you haven’t already.

About the Author

Morc Coulson

Fitness Testing

Morc Coulson has been a Senior lecturer in Health-related physiology at the University of Sunderland for over 20 years. As ex-military Morc went on to complete an undergraduate degree in Physics in Newcastle and then Masters degrees in Sport and Exercise Sciences and Exercise Physiology at Leeds. He was Chair of the CPD endorsement panel for the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) for many years and is a Level 4 Specialist CPD course evaluator. He is the author of many books, including: The Fitness Instructor’s Handbook, The Complete guide to Personal Training, The Complete Guide to Teaching Exercise to Special Populations and Practical Fitness Testing. Morc is also a regular presenter at Health and Fitness conferences around the UK and a regular contributor to T.V., radio, magazine and newspaper articles. Morc has also co-published several research articles with his latest an investigation into injury prevalence in the Armed Police Force. Morc is also a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

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