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So, what is ‘THE’ experience? Keith Smith explains how we can affect the experience of our clients and how we ‘actually’ deliver on this promise. Keith is known for his expertise, passion and entertaining delivery.

Keith answers these 4 key concepts:

✅ Why do PTs need to think about ‘experiences’?

✅ What is VALUE?

✅ How does our content affect feelings?

✅ Regarding the PT experience – what is the context?

Learn how to take your services up to the next level – watch the webcast now!

A little bit more about Keith…

Image of Keith Smith

Keith Smith is an accomplished trainer and tutor to the fitness industry – he has been involved in qualification delivery, assessing and quality assurance since 1997. Over the last 22 years Keith has developed and delivered CPDs and professional learning workshops for a variety of well-known operators and equipment manufactures. Keith has also presented at numerous industry events and conventions in the UK, China, Middle East, USA, Italy and India.









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