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During pregnancy, women‘s priorities for movement and exercise change. Director and founder of The Pregnancy Centre, Dianne Edmonds, spoke to FitPro’s director, Jane Waller, on how personal trainers can effectively train their pregnant clients.

One element of the podcast explores the intensity level for exercise – Dianne Edmonds explains:

“Intensity is best achieved by using rating of perceived exertion; such as the Borg scale (The rating of perceived exertion RPE), rather than heart rate.  It is recommended that pregnant women work out at a score of 12-14 on Borg’s 6-20 scale.”  Find out why HERE 

About the podcast guest

Dianne Edmonds is a physiotherapist with more than 25 years of experience working in pregnancy and postnatal fitness. She is the creator of online fitness education programmes and helped develop resources with the Continence Foundation of Australia, including The Pregnancy Guide and The Pregnancy Pelvic Floor app. Visit Dianne’s website HERE

Dianne will be collaborating with FitPro on a series of women’s health and fitness courses. Check out her brand new course offering: 100 Steps to plank: Building abdominal strength for every female client, part 1.

Stay tuned for even more women’s health education from Dianne, in the weeks’ to come. Visit: to explore our new education offerings.

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