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Pelvic floor exercises don’t commonly play a part in women’s workout routines, but they should. Pelvic Floor First ambassador, Marietta Mehanni, spoke to FitPro’s director, Jane Waller, on why fitness instructors should consider incorporating pelvic floor exercises into their repertoire.

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Marietta explains how the role of the instructors is to start the conversation. They are the ones that create awareness around this subject. By opening up this topic, she hopes that women will then hopefully address it.

“One part of the podcast explores how a widespread issue with the pelvic floor is the language you should use, and also how fitness instructors should approach this topic with their clients; this is such an important area for females to work on,” Marietta explains.

She continues, “The reality is that when I look at my group fitness class from a statistic point of view, I know 70% of them are women who have an issue with their pelvic floor. There will be some who will want to address it now because it’s really affecting their lives, there will be some wanting to address it later, or some of them that prefer to ignore it.”

Marietta Mehanni has been a Pelvic Floor First ambassador since 2009 and has more than 30 years of experience in the fitness industry, mainly in group fitness. She was also Australian Fitness Network Presenter of the Year in 2018, an international gymstick master trainer and programme director.

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