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Marietta Mehanni is a trailblazer in fitness innovation and education. She is co-founder of mSwing and My Group Move, international Gymstick programme co-ordinator and master trainer, and Aqua Alliance director. With a pivotal role in organising the AquaSummit 2024, an exclusive event for aqua professionals focused on sharing insights, enhancing expertise and strengthening industry connections, she makes a significant impact on the aquatic fitness sector. Marietta has been instrumental in integrating pelvic floor awareness into fitness practices and launched an online membership platform and live workshops, broadening her educational outreach. Revered for her dynamic training methods and ability to inspire fitness professionals through her workshops, Marietta’s journey is marked by a blend of innovation, dedication and a deep commitment to enhancing fitness education globally

Key expertise:

  • Pelvic Floor First Ambassador, in collaboration with the Continence Foundation of Australia
  • Director of Aqua Alliance
  • International Master Trainer and Education Co-ordinator for Gymstick International Oy
  • Co-founder of My Group Move
  • Co-creator of mSwing, a fascia-based group fitness class designed to improve functional movement patterns
  • Advisory role with Power Music


Qualifications & Awards

AusActive Role of Honour 2023
Monash 'Outstanding Contribution to the Industry' 2019 Award
Australian Fitness Presenter of 2018
2016 New Zealand Educator of the Year
Gym Instructor, Group Fitness Instructor, Aqua Instructor, Gymstick Instructor

CPD Courses by Marietta Mehanni

Image for Move to Improve
Move to Improve
Move to Improve is a series aimed at menopausal and post-menopausal women along with those who work with this group. In the course we will explore some amazing misconceptions that can drive ways of thinking that can be so limiting to a group of people who have, not just a lot to offer, but also a whole heap of ways that they can: improve the way that they move improve the way that they think improve the way that they can feel and experience life
Image for Enable - Inclusivity in the Industry
Enable - Inclusivity in the Industry
Enable is an education regarding people with disabilities for the fitness industry. The primary goal is to educate the importance of inclusion of people with a disability in all aspects of life, this includes in our fitness centres, creating both employment and recreation opportunities as well as social inclusion. We aim to create inclusive communities, places that are accessible where all people with or without a disability are included, respected, and celebrated. Enable: Creating Awareness, A Sense of Belonging, To Enhance Lives, Through Exercise. Everyone Deserves the Opportunity to Exercise.
Image for Move to the Beat
Move to the Beat
Welcome to the Move to the Beat course constructed by award-winning fitness presenters, Maria Teresa Stone and Marietta Mehanni. Maria Teresa and Marietta have delivered face-to-face workshops for many years and have seen how many group fitness instructors struggle to find the beat of the music and understand the structure of music. This online course has been designed to help you understand the important role that music plays in group fitness, empower you to use it to your advantage in class and help you find the beat so you are never off-beat again.

Blogs by Marietta Mehanni

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