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Enable - Inclusivity in the Industry

CPDs : 4.5

Are you keen to create more inclusivity in the fitness industry? Everyone deserves the opportunity to exercise and, in this course, you’ll learn how to deliver fitness programmes to people with a learning disability and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Enable educates on the importance of inclusion of people with a disability in all aspects of life, including in fitness centres, creating both employment and recreation opportunities as well as social inclusion. Enable aims to create inclusive communities – places that are accessible where all people with or without a disability are included, respected and celebrated.

Enable: Creating Awareness, A Sense of Belonging, To Enhance Lives, Through Exercise.

Suggested Pre-requisite:

  • CIMSPA: L2 Gym / Group Ex

Aims and objectives of course:

  • Gain an overview and explanation of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), dementia, cerebral palsy, neuro developmental disorders, hearing and sight impairments and others.
  • Understand what a learning disability is, how it’s diagnosed, what it means to live with one, life experiences regarding low expectations and options to take part in all aspects of life.
  • Know the terminology: what to say and what not to say when it comes to the language of disability.
  • Know how to deliver fitness programmes for people with learning disability and ASD for both children and adults, with reference to class size, helpers, carers, music volume, appropriate exercises, and how to plan and have back-up plans.

Author Bio

  • Carol Syer

    Carol Syer is a highly experienced fitness professional with over 31 years of experience in the industry. She works as a Group Fitness Instructor, Group Exercise Program Coordinator, and Personal Trainer. Throughout her career, Carol has combined her fitness expertise with her passion for creating accessible fitness programs for everyone. She has designed unique group exercise classes and programs for both adults and children with intellectual disabilities and autism.

    As the mother and sister of individuals with intellectual disabilities, Carol has seen firsthand the barriers that they face on a daily basis. This has fueled her advocacy for inclusion and her mission to improve all aspects of life for people living with disabilities. Her deep desire is to see people with intellectual disabilities participate in every aspect of life, from sports to employment.

    Through her work and advocacy, Carol is determined to see more people with disabilities working and participating in every fitness centre across Australia. She believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to exercise and to live life to the fullest, regardless of their abilities.

  • Marietta Mehanni

    Marietta Mehanni is a trailblazer in fitness innovation and education. She is co-founder of mSwing and My Group Move, international Gymstick programme co-ordinator and master trainer, and Aqua Alliance director. With a pivotal role in organising the AquaSummit 2024, an exclusive event for aqua professionals focused on sharing insights, enhancing expertise and strengthening industry connections, she makes a significant impact on the aquatic fitness sector. Marietta has been instrumental in integrating pelvic floor awareness into fitness practices and launched an online membership platform and live workshops, broadening her educational outreach. Revered for her dynamic training methods and ability to inspire fitness professionals through her workshops, Marietta’s journey is marked by a blend of innovation, dedication and a deep commitment to enhancing fitness education globally.