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MOSSA UK upholds its professional reputation at IFS 2017

Fitness enthusiasts descended on the coastal town of Blackpool last weekend for the much-loved International Fitness Showcase (IFS) event.

Chrysalis Promotions hosted the event for another year and, among the Clubbercise glow sticks, Insanity jumps, aerial fitness demonstrations and group cycle sessions, MOSSA UK delivered eight new releases to engaging audiences. MOSSA has a long history of inspiring thousands of people to get moving, and didn’t disappoint participants who arrived at The Winter Gardens in search of high-quality programming and dynamic presenters.

Hundreds of participants attended the MOSSA sessions over the three days, which began with the ViPR™ Workout – a popular choice as participants were seen queuing outside to secure their ViPR tools. Many who attended the ViPR Workout session stayed on so they could get involved with the MOSSA Group Core class, which followed directly afterwards.

Director at Total Fitness Recall in South Wales, Kevin Atkinson attended both sessions and said, “I love ViPR and to look at it as a group exercise was fantastic. The session was really motivating. There are so many different grips, more flexibility, and ViPR enhances your overall workout. Holly Lynch and Aaron Barnett were fantastic instructors.”

There wasn’t a MOSSA session that Carol Walmsley didn’t attend, who alongside her husband and close friends, lifted with Group Power, increased cardio levels in Group Blast, performed explosive moves in Group Fight, calmed the mind in Group Centergy, and followed dance choreography in Group Groove in back-to-back sessions. Commenting on her overall experience, Carol, a member at Volair Leisure, said, “I loved every single minute of the MOSSA sessions, they were amazing. We went to other classes, too, but ended up coming back to the MOSSA sessions because of the fantastic atmosphere. Congratulations to Team MOSSA for all your hard work. We will certainly be back next year.”

National MOSSA Trainer, Rachel Fortnum presents Group Centergy at IFS 2017.

There was, without doubt, a shift in preconceptions from male participants on pre-choreographed classes, with many finding the MOSSA sessions expertly coached and more progressive. MOSSA participant, Paul Shakley, said, “I was unsure about whether to do Group Blast initially. However, it wasn’t a traditional Step class at all, it was a lot harder, so it is a good option for men. I would certainly recommend it.” A highlight for National MOSSA trainer, Holly Lynch, was the level of enthusiasm shown throughout the Group Blast session. Group Blast is an incredibly athletic and challenging programme. “The amount of people coming up to me and saying, ‘I can’t do Step, but I can do this’ was amazing,” recalls Lynch.

National MOSSA trainer, Lee Valentine, said, “It truly was an honour to share Group Power and Group Core at IFS this year. The participants were incredible to coach and it was an absolute pleasure to be on that stage presenting with my fellow MOSSA trainers.”

View our event video here and keep an eye out on Social Media for more videos and action in the coming weeks. 


MOSSA UK will be on tour in May and June in Edinburgh, Burnley and Chessington. For further information, please visit:

MOSSA is the most respected worldwide developer of professional, high-quality, enjoyable group fitness workouts in the health club industry. MOSSA has a long history of inspiring millions of people to move with fun, results-focused programmes. More than 300 hours are dedicated to developing each workout, which includes a methodical field-testing phase involving more than 7,000 instructors and participants globally. This ensures the music and exercises are motivational, safe and effective, and the participants’ enjoyment and results are the main focus. MOSSA’s programmes include: Group Power, Group Centergy, Group Fight, Group Blast, Group Groove, Group Active, Group Core, and ViPR Workout.


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Photography credit: Harry Hubbard