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FitPro trainer, Holly Lynch demonstrates how you can shake up your normal workout routine by incorporating the ViPR across a range of dynamic movements. So don’t just pick up the dumbbells, explore your 3D movement with the ViPR, too. We’ve outlined the full list of movements below, so, once you’ve given the video a watch – grab your equipment and see how you can fit these into your workout.



Workout sequence

  • Front loaded ViPR catches: 45-60 seconds
  • Squat with lateral ViPR shift: 12-16 reps, each leg
  • ViPR lunge sequence: 12-16 reps, each leg
  • ViPR squat with lift: 20-24 reps
  • Crossover lunge with rotation: 12-16 reps, each leg
  • Lateral lunge with ViPR Shlift: 12-16 reps, each leg

To progress or regress exercises

  • Push or pull ViPR further away/closer to the body
  • Increase/reduce depth of squats and lunges
  • Increase/reduce jump impact
  • Increase/reduce ViPR weight (6kg was used in the video) Increase/ decrease reps

In order to best decide reps and sets – monitor your technique and ensure that you are not impacting movement quality by doing too many reps.

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About Holly Lynch

Holly Lynch

Holly Lynch is a MOSSA national trainer at FitPro and an Elite Personal Trainer and Group Ex- Co- ordinator at Fitness Evolution. Holly has been in the industry for 7 years as a PT, class instructor, assessor and presenter. Holly loves exercise and fitness and the positive effect it has on her own life and loves to inspire that same love in others.