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This year at Team FitPro we’ll be celebrating our 25th anniversary. We’ve grown enormously since our founders Jane Waller and Brent Hallo first launched the company onto the fitness scene back in 1990, and today we have more than 125,000 members in 82 countries across the world.

It’s been an exciting journey and, most recently, we’ve seen some awesome changes, from Convention getting a fantastic make-over, a new name and a new venue in London – we’re so proud of FitPro LIVE and the contribution it makes to the continuing education of our industry – to new partnerships with ground-breaking group X provider MOSSA, and revolutionary small group training provider TRIBE Team Training™. Not to mention the tremendous success we’ve witnessed with the Loaded Movement Training tool ViPR™, the education pathway PTA Global, and content and music provider MyGroupFit.

To help celebrate our 25 years as a FitPro family, our 2015 Fitness Professional Awards will comprise one Lifetime Achievement Award to recognise a loyal and dedicated supporter of FitPro. As it will be a FitPro-selected award, there will be no nominations process this year.

Jane Waller, co-founder and director of FitPro, says, “The recipient of the Cyril Cooper Award of Excellence 2015 will be selected by Team FitPro as someone who has dedicated their career to the fitness industry, and shown great commitment and support to our community, especially our membership. The winner will be announced at FitPro LIVE 2015.”

FitPro LIVE is the UK and Europe’s leading education event for fitness professionals and takes place this year on 9-10 July. Across two days of hands-on, innovative workshops and masterclasses by leading educators and researchers, LIVE aims to develop the knowledge of fitness professionals and bring them together to grow their networks and further their careers. Since 2014, we’ve held FitPro LIVE at ExCeL London and, with excellent transport links and fantastic facilities, LIVE attracts fitness professionals not only from the UK, but from across Europe and beyond.

As well as announcing the winner of the award, this year at LIVE we’ll cover everything fit pros need to know for 2015, from bodyweight training and ground-breaking new group training programmes from MOSSA and TRIBE Team Training, to developing a business mindset and getting published in the media, to discovering the role of ViPR in conditioning the military. Delegates can get to grips with iconic calisthenics moves and Olympic lifting, and hone their skills at treating each client individually, from working with mid-life female clients, to dealing with chronic pain, to understanding nutrient timing.

We can’t wait to announce the winner of the Cyril Cooper Award of Excellence 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award at FitPro LIVE and to celebrate our 25 years as a worldwide industry leader.


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