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Fitness Professionals Ltd continues to educate its members with the launch of a new app, which hosts a free informative avenue for its members.

The app includes the latest issue of Fitpro magazine plus the back catalogue to Autumn 2013. The digital edition of Fitpro offers an innovative interactive experience, where members can watch interviews with the people at the very core of featured stories, explore online journals referenced in the publication and delve deeper into extended versions of articles featured in the print edition, including a sneak preview of MOSSA’s programming in a video of a class in action. You can also view footage of the events to watch in the months ahead, so you can comprehend the challenges before committing yourself.

The digital pathway

For non-members and interested consumers, a condensed version of the magazine – including events, news, the latest trends in group exercise classes and key features such as The Fitness Word by industry expert Tony Lycholat – is available to buy for £3.99. You can also support the community by downloading the FitPro Cookbook – funds raised from the book are donated to charities in the London Borough of Newham, which is local to FitPro’s head office.

Adding to the appeal, the FitPro app also provides members with access to FitPro’s extensive music catalogue and the plethora of Loaded Movement Training resources that are unique to ViPR. For ViPR instructors, a new password-protected area enables instructors to benefit from second-to-none educational manuals and catalogues.

Currently available for tablets on Google, Android, Kindle and via the app store, a version for iPhone will be available to members by the end of 2014.

Join us in our digital move forwards. Download the app here: 

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