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Prescribing exercise for Parkinson’s clients is one of the most rewarding things you could ever do as an Exercise Professional. It has the potential to really change the course of someone’s disease and improve their quality of life. However, to be effective, trainers need to be prepared to operate in a world of complexity and variability. Neurological exercise specialist, Grant Bones, shares insight is one of his exercise classes. Grant delivers sessions at Neuroactive Fitness in Cheshire. 

The exercises were designed for the individuals, in this short video, on that particular training day. My advice would: consider mindset; be creative; keep things fun, and familiarise yourselves with the symptoms you can’t see as well as those you can.

Exercise 1:Boxing Pads to improve: coordination; hand speed; accuracy, and to generate powerful movements. It’s also a fabulous way to incorporate cardio intervals into the session.

Exercise 2:Target Hopscotch: An agility ladder, beanbags and some form of target delivers a difficult and fairly high intensity exercise.

Exercise 3:American Football Drills to get those feet moving quickly.  Working on: balance; coordination; directional changes; cardio; power, and accuracy in the throw.

Exercise 4:Smovey Brain Training – which is an active version of patting your head whilst rubbing your tummy. Switch sides regularly and it’s great for the brain and a great laugh.

Exercise 5:This is a multi-tasking exercise that combines a bunch of other exercises and targets coordination, balance and strength.

Exercise 6:Plain old sit-ups with a ball to distract from the plain old sit-ups.

Exercise 7:Riverstones with Bow & Arrow Fingers. This incorporates a balance exercise with a great cognitive activity I picked up from Dr Susie Gronski.

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