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Parkinson's Pro

CPDs : 10 (The maximum CPD points awarded by CIMSPA for any course)

Parkinson's Pro is a course to support the growing emphasis on neuroplasticity (the ability of the brain to make new neural pathways given the right stimulus). Trained exercise professionals can now play a key role in helping Parkinson’s sufferers to effectively manage their disease and maximise their quality of life. On completion of this introductory course, students will be able to work with low-to-moderate risk Parkinson’s patients in a one-to-one or small group setting.

Suggested Pre-requisite

  • CIMSPA: L3 Ex Referral

Aims and objectives of course

  • To explain how to work with Parkinson's patients
  • To outline a portfolio of drills to be used with Parkinson's patients
  • To explain the role of neuroplasticity and how to use it
  • To provide a range of tests and assessments that can be used with Parkinson's patients

Author Bio:

Tim Webster is the co-founder of Exercise as Medicine NZ, Tim is qualified with PD Warrior and Counterpunch for Parkinson's and he is the author of the Parkinson's for Exercise Professionals course. He is certified in Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase IV, Functional Rehabilitation and Exercise After Stroke (The ARNI Institute), Brain Fit for Life (Mental Acuity), Multiple Sclerosis Pro and Exercise for Prostate Cancer.
Tim has presented at conferences around the world and he has been the recipient of the UK health and fitness industry's Lifetime Achievement Award.