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Ever thought about working with kids? We chat to Caroline Newman aka The DanceLady who champions working with kids. Caroline also shares her thoughts on what the trends will be to help kids’ fitness and wellbeing this year.

Teresa and Caroline have both got some gems to share with you – take a watch now!



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A little bit about Caroline…

Kid's Fitness - Headshot of Caroline Newman aka The Dance LadyCaroline Newman aka Caroline DanceLady has been in the fitness industry since 1994!  She is original RSA ETM INSTRUCTOR and also a FitPro member since 1994!

Caroline is affectionately known as the Dancelady to the schools and education settings that she works in – she didn’t need to spend time and money on branding and marketing when creating her  business – the name ‘Dancelady‘ was born via the teachers and staff that she met in the schools, mostly the exasperated class teacher, who upon seeing her would say something like “Oh good the DanceLady is here!”.

She loves teaching children and young people and specialised in teaching kids in 2011 when faced with redundancy and finding out she was pregnant on the same day. Caroline is passionate about spreading the joy of working with kids to other instructors, especially perhaps the younger generation of instructors. Caroline was inspired to work with kids after attending Andy Jackson Fit Kid workshop and the iconic FitPro weekends in Coventry (back in the day!).


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