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Trying to condense all of our history, boundless energy, serious passion and love for health, fitness and wellbeing into one blog is a tough task – it’s the equivalent of trying to bring the thong back into the fitness class. It just ain’t gonna happen. We’ve achieved so much in our 30+ years that it’s nigh-on impossible to reveal everything here (and, in the case of the thong, we wouldn’t want to!) so, if – when you’ve read this blog – you want to dig further into what we do here at FitPro, check out our ace new website at

But stick around for a bit before you head off, would you? We want to chat to you, if we may. The last couple of years have thrown us a mountainous challenge as, together with all of you, we’ve navigated the global events that rocked every industry and every individual’s life. However, after every winter must come spring and, as we head back towards normality at last, we can see our industry begin to blossom again – and we’re still here for you.

Our roots at FitPro are far and wide-reaching. They are deep and solid. We want to reach every fitness professional out there to offer our support, inspired by our three decades (that long!) of experience at the forefront of the fitness industry in the UK. We’re a team that is glued together by our passion for all things related to health, fitness and wellbeing and a true desire to help people and drive change. We are a bunch of like-minded and positive individuals who strive to raise the standards of our fantastic industry. In-house we live by, and deliver, on three key words: insure – educate – support.

Everyone in our team has an innate desire to support our members and the fitness community – we do this by using our key strengths, wisdom and vast experience. We love what we do – it seeps into everything we deliver!

Leaping on an opportunity

So, where do we begin to share our story? Well, over 30 years ago, FitPro founders Jane Waller and Brent Hallo launched a bunch of firsts into the UK fitness industry that, as a larger team, we are still proudly championing.

In 1988, Jane and Brent embarked on a worldwide adventure, visiting the UK from Australia at a time when the fitness industry here was in its infancy. They both recognised the opportunity to bring services, provide support and develop ongoing education for the UK market – this was the birth of FitPro.

At this time, they also recognised that the industry was fragmented and it was their dream to bring the industry together – to unite us all. FitPro is now an integral part of the global fitness community – recognised in over 85 countries.

Little did we know, way back in 1990, that we would create one of the world-leading fitness networks and that, over our lifespan so far, we would welcome over 500,000 fit pros through our ‘doors’. Thank you all!

Our history, our present and our future has and always will be about providing support, education and services to the fitness industry. It’s in our fabric, our DNA and in everything we do. We are very proud of the legacy we have created.

Taking you to the next level

When you’ve felt the need to throw some new skills into your toolbox, we’ve been there with a box-full of shiny courses for you to choose from. Our FitPro online education platform gives you access to world-class education that you can complete from home or on the go. The instructors and PTs who land on our courses are dynamic and forward thinking. We know you guys want to leap ahead and we want to provide the tools to help you jump to the front of the queue, where new opportunities are just waiting to be discovered by you.

You can watch your CPD points rack up as your educational wealth increases as fast as Jeff Bezos’s bank balance. We have worked with global educators to develop courses on movement as medicine, nutrition, women’s health, special populations and so much more … it would take a whole blog in itself to list all our ground-breaking courses (that’s what the new website is for!). Our aim is to help you stay relevant. And brilliant of course.

Peace of mind

In a world where peace is becoming increasingly hard to find thanks to technology interrupting our every waking moment, we can bring some zen to your life. With our insurance packages – whether you teach indoor cycling or reiki – you can feel confident that we’ve got you covered. It’s one less thing to worry about. And that can only be a good thing. We’re really proud of all the policies we offer – there’s one to suit every kind of instructor and PT and, as the experts in our industry, you can be sure we’ve thought of every eventuality when devising our policies. Check them out here.

And the beat goes on

If you don’t know yet that we have a music app, where have you been friend?! Our MyGroupFit music app gives you unrestricted (now that’s a word we like!) access to the world’s largest original artist fitness compilation library. Your clients like a bit of disco? Travolta eat your heart out. Yearning for a rock anthem? Get out your air guitar, because we’ve got this covered. Every album is available to download to your mobile device at your leisure – play them in your fitness classes any time and anywhere for just £9.99 per month. We’ve thrown in a sweetener for you – try it now and get the first three months for free. It’s so easy to use, even the FitPro dog can navigate it and he lacks opposable thumbs. (You know, the one chilling out on our insurance adverts? Yes, that guy!) You’ll also get free access to our educational articles, blog and social community, as well as our bi-weekly e-newsletters.

We’ve also made it possible for you to become a MyGroupFit Associate for free (a good freebie always gets hearts a-pulsing) and receive discounts on purchasing original and non-original artist music albums. Your purchases are synced to our MyGroupFit App (IOS and Android), which you can access for free to play your albums on a mobile device.

Talk to us

Yes, 2021 was a year of innovation for FitPro. We took the opportunity to look at some of our own offerings and either added new initiatives, such as the free webinar series, or improved what we offered to make sure we stayed relevant, progressive and fit for purpose. Our new website still hosts all the valued and necessary services like membership and insurance options, the online education platform and access to Fitpro digital magazine. But now there are more possibilities with loads of free downloads, including research papers, business paperwork and CIMSPA-approved free education.

This is just the start for us – keep your eyes peeled for a raft of new innovations that will be added to the site in the coming months. And hey, let us know in the comments below how you are. What’s been happening in your life? Can we help? Drop us a line! We’d love to connect with you.

Team FitPro


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