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FitPro, the UK partner of TRIBE Team Training™, has selected a group of talented fitness professionals to become the New Zealand-based brand’s first UK master coaching team.

Master coaches

The six ambassadors from both FitPro’s trainer team and health clubs where TRIBE Team Training has been trialled, underwent intensive master coaching in all five of the small group personal training programmes at FitPro’s headquarters in East London.

Coaches at FitPro HQ

Coaches at FitPro HQ

TRIBE Team Training brings together groups of seven to 10 participants. It features five programmes, each focused on a key area, including high-intensity interval training (HIIT), core stability, low-impact strength and toning, kickboxing and kids’ fitness. The first of its kind in the UK, the concept bridges the gap between group exercise programmes in the studio and one-on-one, gym-based training with PTs. This provides a chargeable service that increases revenue while actively improving exercise adherence.

Sue Richard, coaching director at TRIBE Team Training, explained, “Our research, education and development team ensures all TRIBE programmes, which are put through a rigorous trial process before being released every seven weeks, reflect the latest research and industry trends.

“Our coaches meet with each team member on a regular basis so they can apply the coaching system and tailor the programme to suit each individual client. We guide members towards their goals, show them by example, and create an environment that builds team spirit and self-belief, which in turn creates an amazing combination for results – both for the members and the clubs. This ‘team vibe’ is proving to be a major breakthrough in the way clubs can use PTs to drive member loyalty and retention.”