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This time, thanks to Marcelle Malan, author of our bestselling ‘Exercise Strategy for Perimenopause to Post Menopause’  we look at strength training in perimenopause and menopause. It seems like the perfect time to share it with you all during Menopause Awareness Month.

Download it, read it and share it.

To download the full PDF CLICK HERE

About the Author

Marcelle Malan

Menopause | Ageing

With a preference for old wisdom over young technologies, Marcelle Malan’s life purpose is to understand and work with the natural physiology of the body to build resilience, aid rehabilitation and sustain lifelong wellbeing. She challenges the norm when it comes to exercise and rehabilitation for older adults and is a force every ageing adult needs in their corner. When she’s not delivering an enriching and playful experience for her clients in her private practice as part of The EP Group Melbourne, Australia, where she heads up the Resilient Ageing Project as a clinical exercise physiologist, Marcelle loves to don her hiking boots or jump on her mountain bike to explore new trails. She also loves a double expresso and a challenging book.

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