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Mission Impossible?

Have you always wanted to do a full pull up? Do you feel like it’s the impossible mission? We assure you it’s totally achievable and Stephen has helped many people achieve that goal. All that’s needed is a good plan and consistent effort over the coming weeks to get your chin above the bar for the very first time.


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About the Author

Stephen Tongue

Loaded Movement Training

With a passion for movement and an appetite for rock climbing and bouldering, Stephen Tongue has ascended to great heights in his personal training career, segueing into master trainer roles for leading fitness brands such as ViPR and Power Plate. As Head of Education for ViPR at FitPro, he holds a special interest in movement-based physical therapy and, from his base in Loughborough – where he lives with his wife, two children and a dog called Dude – he has travelled all over the UK and Europe, educating himself and continually developing his skills. He regularly contributes to magazines, blogs and social media platforms and has presented at various fitness conventions. He is a Leicester Tigers fan and his happy place is Hope Valley in the Peak District.

Key expertise:

  • ViPR Head of Education
  • TRX Master Trainer
  • MyZone Master Trainer
  • PowerPlate Master Trainer
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