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FitPro editor, Olivia Hubbard, and editorial assistant, Jack Mallinson, were joined by Mind in Haringey’s wellbeing manager Owen Johnson-Stewart.

Owen has been the wellbeing manager at Mind in Haringey for over two years now, supporting and assessing those who need help by providing talking therapy, Wellbeing Recovery Action Plans and promoting independence and dignity to improve the lives of those who use the service. It’s great to have someone this knowledgeable join us on the podcast.

He has worked in mental health since completing his MSc in Psychological Therapies and continues to make a difference to those in the community with his work for Mind and beyond.


As Movember grows into its final stretch, it’s timely that we’re joined on the Podcast by someone from the mental health charity, Mind. There is plenty of advice to take home for fitness professionals, but also for anyone who needs advice from a professional in the field.

Mind will work with anyone – you, or a client, don’t need to already have a mental health diagnosis to speak with them.

The podcast covers how PTs can use their position to help clients in any struggles they may be having in their own mental health, as well as in the fitness training. Creating a safe space for them and showing genuine empathy to demonstrate you really care can make the difference in helping someone to open up and speak about things which may be bothering them.

Likewise, personal trainers aren’t immune to having mental health struggles of their own. Owen covers tips for fitness instructors concerning their own mental health, and how there is strength in opening up and speaking about it and leading by example for clients.

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