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For this week’s podcast, FitPro hears from Mick Timpson, who helps us to understand the differences between mindfulness and meditation. His book, Making Happy Work, is a fitting text for the modern world and takes readers on a meditation journey of eight parts, which, stage by stage, build up into simple, easy-to-use, power practice that can be incorporated into daily activities. 

Listen HERE

*Please note, Mick is based in Manchester and this recording was done via telephone.


 “The key to making happy work is not what you do in life that matters, but how you live through your life.”

Mick Timpson is an architect, artist, and senior yoga and meditation teacher. He has been practising for 30 years. Mick’s work as an architect has moved from shaping our external world, to helping people rediscover and shape their inner worlds. Mick says that designing and improving our external environment is vital, but it can only take you so far. Real change happens on the inside. Mick runs two social enterprises in Manchester: The Yoga Life Project for yoga on the mat, with classes, workshops, retreats and teacher training; and beanddo for yoga off the mat, focusing on meditation practice designed for business, education and everyday life.

Mick often says he knew where his practice needed to go when he realised that, for many years, he had been teaching yoga to his architecture students and architecture to his yoga students. By using and adapting ancient yogic science of meditation, we can empower our ‘inner architect’ and redesign ourselves for happiness, creativity and lasting well-being.

To discover more about Mick’s organisation, beanddo, visit:

To purchase your copy of Making Happy Work and for further information, please visit:—Making-Happy-Work.php