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Jeremy Laming, co-founder of both Selkie Swim Co. and Henley Swim Events, as well as ambassador for the Royal Life Saving society (RLSS), breaks the ice on why people cold water swim.

A keen swimmer himself, Jeremy’s longest swim was a three-day, 50 mile swim along the Thames.


Henley Swim began when he and his friend, Tom Kean, swam the Henley regatta course at 4 o’clock in the morning. Each year, this event has grown to the stage now that is one of the country’s top swims, with both the swimming elite and recreational swimmers from around the world coming to tackle it.

Whilst open water swimming is a lot colder – and therefore a lot more dangerous – there are a wealth of benefits that come from it if done safely.

Not just a fun and healthy pastime, cold water swimming has brought about real change for many people that have struggled with depression and anxiety, and while this evidence is only anecdotal at this stage, Jeremy explains the positive impact he’s seen it have on people.

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