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We popped over to Ten Health & Fitness in its Hatton Garden studio to chat with Chris Smith-Langridge about all things Reformer Pilates. LISTEN HERE

Chris has an extensive background in working with movement dysfunction and a particularly interesting history of working with tennis, rugby, netball and football players. He’s a keen believer in taking things back to basics and making the most of the body’s incredible ability to be taught, more so than its ability to learn.

We talked about how Pilates really isn’t just for girls, how it can be incorporated to improve SAQ, and we got some great advice on how to utilize it for a client who’s into a sport you’re not in the know about.

Come for the insight on Reformer Pilates, and stay for the great analogies on how it helps the body.

Thanks to Chris for a great chat. This podcast was actually recorded sitting on a Reformer – never let it be said we don’t immerse ourselves in all things fitness for our listeners.

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