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With everyone currently in the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic, and as part of the government guidance clubs and gyms across the country have temporarily closed. An online solution is increasingly being employed as an option to continue contact with clients and provide them with appropriate exercise solutions. We have received many enquiries from PT’s, Group X Instructors, Clubs and partners around delivering online options. To alleviate confusion and misinformation we offer the following summary.

Personal Trainers – Advice for delivering training online

PT’s are able to video content which can likely be hosted on a third party site like YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo etc. Be careful to review the Terms and Conditions of the site, as commercial content or branded content is unlikely to be allowed. Check your insurance to make sure that your liability policy covers you if you are offering instruction and cannot see your clients. Skype, Zoom, Join Me or other two way streaming services conducted ‘live’ are a viable alternative which allow both parties to see each other. FitPro insurance covers you either way, as long as you are working within your confirmed area of expertise and applying relevant health and safety guidelines.

Important Guidelines for Online Training – CLICK HERE

Guidelines for Online Training

Group Exercise Instructors – Music rights & advice for delivering training online

However, for Group X instructors the situation is not as straight forward. Check your insurance to make sure it covers you if you are offering online Group X sessions. As with PT’s, FitPro insurance covers you for live streaming or the provision of pre recorded online instruction as long as you are working within your confirmed area of expertise and applying relevant health and safety guidelines.

If you wish to use music (either original artist or PPL free non-original artist covers) for live streaming online classes or any interactive sessions that involves music – on platforms such as Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, What’s App, you will need an Online Music Licence (including sync rights), that will allow you to legally live stream classes to your participants. Note: Facebook and YouTube are not included in this list as they have their own licensing agreements in place.

PRS for music has offered a Limited Online Music Licence (LOML) for some time, but has only recently added the additional synchronisation rights required for Live Streaming Choreographed classes to music. The sync rights uplift has been granted by PRS for Music, with express permission from music publishers, specifically for the COVID pandemic and is available until at least 30th June 2021.

The cost for the LOML licence (including sync uplift) is £109.50 plus VAT for the six month period from January 1st – June 30th 2021. The licence can be taken pro rata for dates before December 31st 2020, on a monthly basis, which will be added to the six month fee for 2021. if you also want to use original artist music, you will need to add £1.65 + VAT per class, which is the standard PPL licence.

You can purchase your LOML licence (including Sync uplift) via FitPro, or 02085860101, or you can find out more information from PRS for music directly by visiting, or calling 02037413888. You can purchase your PPL licence via FitPro’s MyGroupFit website or email via

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