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Hear from MH1’s Lynne Briggs about how the MH1 team are innovating and leading the way in the conversation around mental health in the fitness industry.

In our latest webcast we covered:

  • The latest mental health stats (also listed below)
  • Mental Health Questionnaire (MHQ) – the first psychometric questionnaire
  • Who are MH1, their partners and Advisory Board
  • The 4 pillars  upon which MH1 is based
  • The new qualification with YMCA Awards

Watch the webcast now and #releasethefeelgood


Here are some of the stats that Lynne quoted during our chat:

  • March 23  – NHS – Estimated 3.25 million people in contact with NHS mental health services at some point during 2021/22
  • Mental Health UK – 8 million people are experiencing an anxiety disorder at any one time
  • Mental Health Foundation – Less than 50% of people with generalised anxiety disorder access treatment
  • World Health Organisation Jan 23 Report – There will be an estimated 499.2 million new cases of noncommunicable diseases globally in 2030 at a direct cost of $520 billion if physical inactivity doesn’t change with a direct healthcare cost of around $520 billion. Shockingly, 43% of new cases will come from anxiety and depression.
  • Champion Health – Workplace Health Report 2023 – 60% of employees are experiencing anxiety but only 10% are seeking mental health support. Poor mental health was the top reason for time off work in 2021 with an average of 18,8 days off and a cost of £43 million. 54% of workers who take 2 or more mental health-related absenses will go on to leave their jobs.
  • UK Active – In a recently commissioned survey of 2,000 people who exercised, 54% said they did it for their mental health as opposed to 49% for ‘getting into shape’.


A little bit more about Lynne…

Headshot of Lynne Briggs


Lynne Briggs has worked with FitPro for over 30 years and is currently Client Support for the MOSSA pre choreographed group exercise programmes. She is a qualified tutor/assessor and the joint founder and co-director of MH1, the innovator of the validated Mental Health Questionnaire (MHQ) which is a non-clinical tool that measures the trajectory of mental health using lifestyle factors as marker. Lynne has a passionate interest in mental health – especially the positive impact of movement and physical activity.


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