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Shining the spotlight on a valued FitPro member. Today we speak to Power Core Yoga Instructor Michele Giles to learn more about her history and experience.

FitPro: How has your childhood
influenced your career?

Michele Giles: I have always liked sport and fitness, and I competed at various different levels throughout my childhood and teenage years. However, it was not a direct path as I started my career as an air stewardess, but I absolutely hated it and quit because I couldn’t focus on my fitness. I therefore began the Physical Education Association (PEA) health and exercises studies.

The PEA was extremely useful; I was able to study different aspects of health and wellness. Once the base qualification was completed, I started to compete in sports aerobics at world championship level. While competing, I also started to present for promotional companies such as Reebok.

FP: How has FitPro supported your development and career?

MG: I was introduced to FitPro early into its creation and was probably one of its youngest members. I had been teaching before then for about five years, however, there was no other body for fitness professionals.

Personally, it provided a springboard for my career. Through FitPro, I had access to all sorts of workshops and information, and it allowed me to see the potential of the fitness industry. It showed me what could be achieved through be

ing tenacious and focused. It also offered support to ensure everything was done properly. I hope to teach till I’m 90 years old and I will stay part of FitPro until then.

FP: As a health, wellness and beauty therapist, how have you educated yourself to stay at the forefront of these fields?

MG: What has been of value to me is to reflect on my competing and judging for sports aerobics. Health and wellness covers a lot of areas of physical and mental fitness. I have travelled around the world to see different types of teachings, and science will always discover
something new, so you just have to keep your eyes peeled for what’s coming.

FP: What benefits does Core Power Yoga offer over other forms?

MG: I remember seeing a meditative yoga demonstration in my PEA course and it really wasn’t for me. There was nothing physical about it and so I dismissed it. However, I had a lightning bolt moment when I visited a healing centre in Thailand that practised power yoga, so I came back and did a teacher training course for Core Power Yoga.

Core Power Yoga facilitated five out of the six fitness brackets: dynamic strength, static strength, balance, core, the main premises of fitness, and it even increases your pulse rate.

FP: Could you tell us about a postive client case study?

MG: I have a client in his 60s who has gone through liver cancer and says exercise focuses his mind through some really challenging treatment.

People with physiological or psychological injuries and weight problems have come into class and have really focused through their own issues and have noticed real improvement in their way of life.

FP: What advice would you offer someone starting out in your industry?

MG: It has to be your passion because this career is extremely hard work.

Find an open and grounded course. This provides you with the space to decide what you want to teach. My

learning has taken me to Australia, America and the Middle East, so it can take you anywhere.

Continue to keep yourself educated with the latest science in the field. Trends come and go, but if you have the
education and knowledge, then you can decide which area of fitness you want to take on.


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