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FitPro national trainer Holly Lynch has won Personal Trainer of the Year at the International Fitness Showcase (IFS) in Blackpool. The prestigious award was presented at the IFS Gala Dinner on 24 March and recognises Holly as an exceptional fitness professional with superb leadership, business, motivational and instructional skills and an inspirational figure to all her clients.

Holly, who is also a personal trainer and fitness co-ordinator at Fitness Evolution, prides herself on her empathetic and supportive nature, believing that inside each client is a huge amount of strength. As a trainer, she feels it is her job to find a way to activate that strength and bring out the most positive, happy and healthy version of her clients possible.

Holly says, “My philosophical approach to training is empowerment! Empowering clients to seek help from me as their trainer and, through that, empower themselves to make action for change and self-improvement. I come into work as early as 5:30am to support clients and most weekdays can still be found at work at 9pm at night. I let my clients know that I believe in them and that, if they want to achieve something, then with smart goals they can – and usually (with a little bit of support and nurturing) they start to believe in themselves too!”

Holly likes to inspire by example and actively partakes in 17 weekly group exercise classes – she wants to feel the aftermath of the training just like her clients. This is a mantra that continues into personal training, in that no training session is ever the same – repetition is not in her book. “I work hard to make both classes and personal training sessions interesting and engaging,” she adds, “to motivate clients to adhere to their workout programmes and not let repetition or boredom play a factor in possible relapse.”

As fitness co-ordinator at Fitness Evolution, Holly is part of the facility management team that ensures staff are present at weekly training and, in addition to this, ensures all gym staff are actively encouraged and supported through CPD, whether this be continued education or add-on contemporary qualifications. Through FitPro, she is a highly respected national trainer across ViPR and MOSSA.

Holly has been a member of the FitPro National Trainer team for four years and has recently taken on the role of MOSSA National Trainer for ViPR Workout. She also teaches;  MOSSA Group Blast, Fight and Power at Evolution Fitness, Burnley College.

Morag Davies, one of Holly’s clients, says, “Holly has been an inspiration to both me and my partner, who have both trained with her for over two years. One of the most exceptional qualities that Holly has is her ability to understand her clients’ anxieties, barriers and motivations and work with them rather than against them to achieve her clients’ goals.”

She continues, “I have lost 6kg since starting PT with Holly and my body fat has reduced considerably, which is something I thought I would never achieve at 49. I’ve also made massive strength gains, especially in my upper body. Holly genuinely cares about all her clients and works tirelessly to ensure they have the best possible experience and achieve their goals.”

From everyone here at FitPro, a huge congratulations goes to Holly for this well-deserved IFS Personal Trainer of the Year 2018 award! Holly is currently completing her master’s degree in Sport and Exercise science.

Holly has written for FitPro and MyGroupFit – view her 3D movement  article for the FitPro blog HERE

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