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This pandemic looks to completely change how a range of industries work and operate, including the fitness sector.

We understand this has put a heavy strain on trainers. A great option for retaining your clients and keeping them active through this time is to utilise online training. It’s just possible that, with the right approach, you can emerge from the current crisis with a stronger, further-reaching and more innovative business than you had before.

We have created a series of videos providing advice and tips on a range of areas to help you maintain and grow your business through this difficult period.

Explore some of the content that has gone out on our social media channels so far and stay tuned for more content to keep you informed, entertained and inspired during lockdown.

Your training space:

National trainer manager Aaron Barnett has provided some useful considerations for setting up your training space, looking at whether there is enough space to move in, some of the technology you’ll need to deliver the best training sessions and the different considerations for working indoors or outdoors.

Your client’s online training experience:

In this video Aaron takes us through some of the areas to consider to ensure your client is getting the best online training experience possible. He explores some of the health and safety aspects regarding the space they are using, such as whether it’s well ventilated and if they have water ready to hydrate between sets.

Your insurance:

Lastly, and most importantly, Aaron outlines why it is so important to check if your insurance covers you to deliver online classes.

For more information on FitPro’s insurance, click HERE

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