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FitPro led the way this year at LIW with a live demonstration area, proving a key attraction for eager visitors to the NEC.

The show proved the perfect opportunity to showcase ViPR Athletic, which was launched earlier this year. Incredibly effective, the fun and energising 30-45-minute group exercise programme helps to create a high-intensity environment using a circuit. Viewed as a challenging workout, it stimulates and improves energy systems. As a result, class participants can benefit from becoming better fat and carbohydrate burners (oxidisers). Interval-based training is used in ViPR Athletic, allowing participants to exercise to their own limit, which helps to create a competitive atmosphere within the group.

Leisure Industry Week upfront

Fergus Ahern, FitPro’s director of commercial operations (Europe), commented, “These are exciting times for FitPro. ViPR Group Fitness is a further example of the rich heritage of both originality and creativity, which FitPro has offered for decades worldwide.”

He added, “At LIW, operators and instructors alike were impressed by the innovative new format of ViPR Athletic, highlighting ViPR’s sustainability as a tool for fitness professionals.”

The FitPro editorial team experienced integrated fitness by means of PowerPlate with ViPR and TRX at Leisure Industry Week. PowerPlate stimulates the body’s proprioceptive system (position sense) many times a second, helping to elicit very specific and purposeful reflex reactions in the body described as “reflective stabilisation” to a dynamic environment.

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