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In this edition of exercise explored we investigate the Overhead Press, how it benefits your clients and how to perform the movement. We then uncover a plethora of variations of the Overhead Press to give you more ways to help and lead your clients towards their targets.

We will be exploring:

  • Why the overhead press is important for our clients
  • How to execute a traditional overhead press
  • Over 20 examples of overhead press variations to meet the needs of the individual.


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Author Bio:

Aaron Barnett

Aaron Barnett is Head of Education and Coaching at ViPR Global.

Aaron is homegrown at FitPro. He has been a member of the FitPro family since the inception of ViPR group programming as national coach for VGF and the MOSSA ViPR workout. Since then, Aaron has developed and designed the ViPR Kids concept, supported the development of ViPR LMT1, 2 and Active Aging and has grown through the ranks of ViPR Global to owning the responsibility of head of education and coaching. Aaron is also kept at the forefront of FitPro development as the national trainer manager for the FitPro trainer team.

As part of Aaron’s commitment to remaining at the forefront of functional training he is proud to have recently completed the Gray Institute GIFT programme, becoming a Fellow of Applied Functional Science. He believes that by learning, sharing and collaborating with the best in function this will serve ViPR Global in remaining the number one functional training tool!